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  • lirik lagu drones over bklyn – el-p

    you better stay aloof when the troops move or suicide booths soothe the who’s who of looters shoot, the bullets go zoom zoom your pain is the p*rn, pal, they pay to pop plain sh*t it’s faded, it’s more foul than famous, it’s hot sin hollywood off the bus f**ked, tender little destruct tucked in […]

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  • lirik lagu moksha – la mocosa

    quisiera poder decirte todo lo que tengo para vos uno de los tantos frutos que la tierra madre regalo cuando lloro siempre estas cuando rio acompañas este barco empieza a navegar y lo bueno es que en el puerto dejo todo lo que me hace mal y el naufragio se interna en el mar con […]

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  • lirik lagu 1094й – элджей

    белый дождь острый, как нож, ветер фонари светят, падает пепел я замёрз, но тебя встретил вкус твоих губ такой же сладкий, как dr. pepper обернись, я стою у тебя в дверях в темноте и ничего тебе не говоря могу устроить беспорядок, как будто так и надо в этой чересчур размеренной жизни мне не доверять повода […]

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  • lirik lagu nacido para matar (en vivo) – erik estrada

    gracias po abris la puertas siento que estoy como en casa duro muy poco mi ausensia pero sigo dando lata cuando me aferro me aferro a mi nadie se me escapa con mi pechera y mi cuerno bazuca y lanzagranada ant*tanque bien cargados en camionetas blindadas compermisito gobierno abranse que esta es mi casa pistola […]

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  • lirik lagu this girl’s in love with you – rumer

    you see this girl this girl’s in love with you yes i’m in love who looks at you the way i do? when you smile i can tell we know each other very well how can i show you i’m glad i got to know you? yes, i’ve heard it said they say you think […]

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  • lirik lagu the life – wendy & lisa

    this is the life everyone has to be somewhere i am here testing a dream the pressure of dreams is the killer of dreams and it only gets harder and it only gets harder this is the life everyone has to do something i am here doing what i do best fearing that worry will […]

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  • lirik lagu bring the light – beady eye

    “bring the light” i bring the light you get to see you bring the love it’s ecstasy i see no point in what you’re thinking i’m going out i’m taking you drinking i get the car, you’re getting up i’m standing tall, well f*cking tough it’s just your way, you hear me wrong i hear […]

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  • lirik lagu liar! – sex pistols

    (j. rotten, p. cook, s. jones, g. matlock) lie lie lie lie liar you lie lie lie lie lie tell me why tell me why why d’you have to lie should’ve realised that you should’ve told the truth should’ve realised you know what i’ll do you’re in suspension you’re a liar how i wanna know […]

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  • lirik lagu anche per te – lucio battisti

    per te che è ancora notte e già prepari il tuo caffé che ti vesti senza più guardar lo specchio dietro te che poi entri in chiesa e preghi piano e intanto pensi al mondo ormai per te così lontano. per te che di mattina torni a casa tua perché per strada più nessuno ha […]

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  • lirik lagu swim – groves

    speaking what’s on your state of mind just to limit the good times. look at the bigger picture. guided by the kind of love you don’t change for. we say it’s in our nature. i just wanna swim i just wanna swim with you i just wanna swim but i can’t tell you why i […]

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  • lirik lagu testimony – dana glover

    it’s just another, testimony that you are my, my one and only you’re my kind, my perfect find and you are mine it’s just another, testimony make me believe, in matrimony with you baby you’re my kind, my perfect find and you are mine everybody knew that i’d never be the one to give my […]

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  • lirik lagu changing – the naked brothers band

    personality immortality i saw it’s raining outside it’s raining outside you’re changing personality rationality your fame has died you think that you cried and you’re gone and i’m waiting i’m slaving for this moment i just can’t wait anymore changing waiting changing waiting the big style isn’t worth the while she screams at me it […]

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  • lirik lagu ingenting nã¥gonsin – kent

    dom säger att jag varit trasig :aldrig har jag varit hel dom säger det är nåt med benen men ingenting har någonsin varit mer fel dom säger att jag varit elak :alltid har jag varit rak dom säger det är fel på hjärtat men ingenting har någonsin slagit så hårda slag dom säger att jag […]

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  • lirik lagu father’s lullaby – nick lachey

    remember when i was so small my first memory, i’d count the shadows on the wall too restless to sleep. my dad came in to tuck me in when i couldn’t sleep and he’s comfort me. with this melody. here’s my father’s lullaby, baby you don’t have to cry, now it’s time to close your […]

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  • lirik lagu happiness – soul ii soul

    i’d like a world that’s filled with happiness and sorrow the way you’re thinking means there’s no days like tomorrow togetherness, foreverness means nothing less than happiness togetherness, foreverness means nothing less than happiness, oh yeah and that’s the way it should be oh, living happily i’d like a world that’s filled with happiness and […]

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  • lirik lagu sin documentos – los daniels

    vamonos déjame atravesar el viento sin doc*mentos, que lo haré por el tiempo que tuvimos… porque no queda salida, porque pareces dormida, porque buscando tu sonrisa estaría toda mi vida. quiero ser el único que te muerda en la boca. quiero saber que la vida contigo no va a terminar. déjame que te cierre esta […]

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  • lirik lagu alrite stillll – ruff diamondz

    in the club when i enter, head for the center, shocked with ya man but i swear i never meant to straight to the bar is where i’m tryna get to get my deal, do ya get my deal buy me a drink that sounds ideal i’m sk*nk til the sun comes up i will […]

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  • lirik lagu we fight – arthemis

    we will fight, we won’t fall! the end will never come the pain won’t last forever the war has just begun we stand and fight together the roaring lightning strikes the freedom flag will burn this faith and sacrifice we’re gonna pay with blood it’s time to say no more no matter ’cause we fight […]

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  • lirik lagu without warning – failsafe

    this is not a calling, this is the life you’ve chosen, offered without warning. you’ll never say goodbye to him again. on that morning, you never even posed the question why or contemplated if he would come back dead or alive. this fight seems to have been going on for days. it’s not something we […]

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  • lirik lagu runnin’ shadow – michael martin murphey

    wise men spoke the vision of the spirit horses way like a saviour he has a mission from the ashes of the plains all the souls of mighty warriors are carried in his veins all the hopes of ancient nations are flowing through his mane and the spirit voices say never chase a running shadow […]

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  • lirik lagu right here – edwin

    there’s a cigarette sunset, going down, on her town. she looks out the window, sky is red, snow has turned to brown. and no one seems to know, about the girl on the fifteenth floor, this close to letting go. she thinks she’s all alone, her heart has turned to stone. she don’t know that […]

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  • lirik lagu blinded by conformity – vitamin x

    blinded by conformity you’re a shadow of what you used to be they sn*tched your mind, seduced your soul now you’re under their control you will never be the same there’s no one but you to blame no escape, you’re outta luck sold your life for a few bucks now you walk the path of […]

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  • lirik lagu falling into the abyss – gaia epicus

    doors are closing, system fails the final curtain is now falling down take a bow and say goodbye the lights go off for the very last time no more great reviews no more applause falling down it seems like there is no ground don’t know how i ended up this way on the edge is […]

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  • lirik lagu it’s a bird. it’s a plane. no!!!… – the crinn

    (wendy says): what can i get for ya hun? ~i would like a number 5 and a side of ranch. anything to get into her sweet snake skin pants~ (w): what can i get for ya hun??? yes, i would like a side order of pain and a c*ke. and a table please. this booth […]

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  • lirik lagu city ghosts – legendary pink dots

    there was a time, a time for secrets. we’d walk together in the forest, hand in hand. we’d look uneasy, cold and pallid. then we’d find some magic mushrooms and we’d skip across the clouds. we danced for the old gods, danced for the new gods, danced for the ones we never heard about. danced […]

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  • lirik lagu let it go – pablo picker

    rumor has been that you’re on the fence as i’m in the back seat wrapping my head around this play us a song that i truly love yeah i feel a change coming like you can’t believe a change coming i want you to feel my pulse as i start to breathe yeah i know, […]

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