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  • lirik lagu a new life – jekyll and hyde: the original broadway production

    lucy: a new life – what i wouldn’t give to have a new life! one thing i have learned as i go through life: nothing is for free along the way! a new start – that’s the thing i need, to give me new heart – half a chance in life to find a new […]

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  • lirik lagu 心のままに – 島谷ひとみ

    また今日も繰り返す 悲しみが溢れないように いつの日か何もかも 心から許せるのかな 泣きながら見上げた夜空に流れ星 願い事はひとつ 祈るよ 叶う時まで 愛し方さえ忘れてた私達だけど 不器用な恋なんだと 笑われてもかまわないから 信じてみよう 心のままに 少しずつ ほどけてく 強がりで零れた笑顔 夢の中で会える あなたは優しくて 月の舟に揺られ ふたりは遠く 遠くへ 募る想いは胸の中で弾けて踊る ほんの少しの勇気で 変われるはずの物語を 信じてみたい 心のままに 触れあえたら きっと 腕の中で ずっと ぬくもりだけ そっと 感じたい 愛し方さえ忘れてた私達だけど 惹かれ合う この気持ちは もう誰にも止められなくて 不器用な恋なんだと 笑われてもかまわないから ほんの少しの勇気で 変われるはずの物語を 信じてみよう 心のままに

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  • lirik lagu someone like you (demo) – knitters

    turn the lights down low i’ll be ready to go, to bed all alone once again my plane from the city was late, and there weren’t anyone there to meet my flight coming in but i’m not waiting for you to come home cause i know that may never come true when its cold at […]

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  • lirik lagu timmy pt. i – spacely

    [verse 1] tell you bout a little boy little boy timmy used to play with his toys isolated in his room cause of noise smacks and bangs against walls of his home dad’s on mom on the bathroom floor mom’s dialing 911 on the phone timmy’s screaming, “dad please no!” mom don’t go, i need […]

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  • lirik lagu dawson’s interlude – young walt

    the longer i’m here the more i think the game is all mine as soon as i take over i think all y’all need a makeover if i said it i don’t regret it, i just forget it like the hangover swear my mind working like steve jobs and da vinci swear my mind stay […]

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  • lirik lagu tt – twice

    korean (original) 이러지도 못하는데 저러지도 못하네 그저 바라보며 ba-ba-ba-baby 매일 상상만 해 이름과 함께 쓱 말을 놨네 baby 아직 우린 모르는 사인데 아무거나 걸쳐도 아름다워 거울 속 단 둘이서 하는 fashion show show 이번에 정말 꼭꼭 내가 먼저 talk talk 다짐 뿐인걸 매번 다짐 뿐인걸 나나나나나나나 콧노래가 나오다가 나도 몰래 눈물 날 것 같애 아닌 […]

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  • lirik lagu abortion – kane & abel

    verse 1 (abel) peep this 5’6” n*gg* with more game than starter been pimping these hoes since i was shooting dog water call me plastic man cause i pack that plastic glock slinging my rocks on my block to the sunrise to the sun drop i’m bout it than done some sh*t that god couldn’t […]

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  • lirik lagu de ãƒâ© ding – eddie meduza

    idiot, flskafot du e s dum i huet s ingen kan tro’t! a du e ding ja du e ding du e s ding i huet s din lilla hjrna vger ingenting! lilla ts, dum som en gs var gng du ppnar kften s tror man fan e ls du e ding du e ding […]

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  • lirik lagu home improvement – george strait

    home improvement the walls that surround us are slowly crumblin’ down but the heart of this foundation is still on solid ground just need some renovation and a lot of t l c and a long night of lovin’ is all that we both need. chorus: so roll the shades down, lock the doors up […]

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  • lirik lagu for pete’s sake – pete rock and cl smooth

    here come’s the rugged one, plus the way i flip it i collect the loot and then i knock the boots a smooth dark lover, prefer to be called the chocolate lover ’cause i can do wonders under cover i’m dip-dip-dope, i rhyme like riz-ope i cleanse like soap, ’cause it’s the great black hope […]

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  • lirik lagu spostato di un secondo – marco masini

    mi sono incontrato a cinque anni cadendo e ho scoperto che cadere fa male nel primo schiaffo ho capito il pianto e che se è non strettamente vitale non si deve rubare ho scoperto che l’amore è un’arte da capire e l’ho scoperto così semplicemente amando che tutto cambia mentre lo stai vivendo e che […]

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  • lirik lagu sabrina – the thing about rivals

    it ain’t the way she walks. it ain’t the way she talks. you’ll find her smile with the grace of the sun. she knows she’s the only one. if you could feel the way i feel, like that city noise is not talked about here with her wild side (a stranger to some), out here […]

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  • lirik lagu do you hear what i hear? – celine dion

    (feat. rosie o’donnell) said the little lamb to the shepherd boy do you hear what i hear ringing through the night shepherd boy do you hear what i hear a song, a song high above the trees with a voice as big as the sea with a voice as big as the sea said the […]

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  • lirik lagu superstar – chris stylez

    let’s go! yeah, alright baby uh, oh baby you’re chorus: (my) superstar tell me where you are? only you know how to do me right. (do me right) superstar the world is ours, but without you, i can’t shine right, superstar. 2 door coupe, pumping old biggie. long term burn girl, this ain’t no quickie. […]

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  • lirik lagu bugün ben bir güzel gördüm – erkan oğur feat. ismail h.demircioğlu

    bugün ben bir güzel gördüm bakar cennet sarayından kamaştı gözümün nuru onun hüsnü cemalinden bahçanın kapısın açtım sanırsın cennete düştüm sevdim coştum helallaştım buse aldım yanağından salındı bahçaya girdi çiçekler selama durdu mor menekşe boyun eğdi gül kızardı hicabından bahçanın kapısı güldür dalında öten bülbüldür emrah da bir edna kuldur bağışla geç günahından

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  • lirik lagu why don’t you do right – imelda may

    you had plenty of money, nineteen-twenty-two you let other women make a fool of you why don’t you do right like some other men do? get out of here and get me some money too you’re sittin’ down wonderin’ what it’s all about you ain’t got no money, they will put you out why don’t […]

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  • lirik lagu the world – ministry

    the time is right for decision the time is right for those with something to say this is the world i envision the type of world where people aren’t afraid what in the world have we done what in the world… the time is right for revision the time is right for revolution today this […]

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  • lirik lagu hakuna wa kufanana – dan em

    haaaaalellujah haaaaalellujah hakuna wa kufanana naye hakuna wa kufanana yesu ee hakuna wa kufanana naye hakuna wa kulinganishwa nawe hakuna wa kufanana nawe hakuna mwingine kama ewe baba hakuna wa kufanana nawe hakuna dunia yote baba hakuna wa kufanana nawe hallelujah, jehovah hallelujah hallelujah hakuna wa kufanana naye uinuliwe baba uinuliwe uinuliwe hakuna wa kufanana […]

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  • lirik lagu i’m so excited (live) – engelbert humperdinck

    tonight’s the night we’re gonna make it happen tonight we’ll put all other things aside within this time and show me some affection we’re going for those pleasures in the night i want to love you, feel you, wrap myself around you i want to squeeze you, please you, i just can’t get enough and […]

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  • lirik lagu mommae – jay park

    [jay park] i be like hold up wait a minute girl eodil ga neomu chyeodabwaseo mianhae geunde niga neomu seksihaeseo nuneul ttel suga eopseo bogosipeo neoui mommommommae mommommommae mommommommae neoui mommommommae mommommommae oh yeah, let me se, let me see ni ape seomyeon biyonse eongdeongido napjakhae dapdaphae siwonhage geunyang gatda dae guritbit pibuui ni heobeokjineun […]

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  • lirik lagu e – niggaz my height don’t fight – eazy

    gimmie this, gimmie that, gimmie this, gimmie that b*tch, step back and don’t try to jack “but mister dopeman, dopeman, can i get a hit?” no, hoe but you can get my duck sick… but let me finish my story as i was sayin’ i told you lil locs aint playin’ gotta roll with the […]

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  • lirik lagu miss you nights – westlife

    i can’t sleep, i just can’t breathe when your shadow is all over me baby don’t wanna be, a fool in your eyes ’cause what we had was built on lies and when our love seems to fade away listen to me hear what i say i don’t wanna feel the way that i do […]

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  • lirik lagu miedo – cristian castro

    creeme, estos días sin ti causan miedo sabes bien que se nos sigue lo que se me va, creeme , si de pr*nto te digo lo siento sabes bien que más que amarte eres mi necesidad no me destruyas el mundo, el unico mundo que tengo no solo soy el que habla es mi alma […]

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  • lirik lagu soul deep – laura turner

    something happens when you kiss me. don’t know where you end and i begin; we’re closer than skin. time stops and i’m suspended, far out on the edge where true love is. i wanna go there again. you get into my heart; unlock the secrets inside me. i can’t help that i fall each time […]

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  • lirik lagu slipaway – the cars

    i can tell that you’re wild and you love their achey smiles [?] and i know i’m on the list to be kissed when you’re givin’ out the name of the one you want to blame [?? as the one you want to claim ??) you’ll be on the brink of tears, that’s right could […]

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  • lirik lagu i will be here – passion

    tomorrow morning, if you wake up and the sun does not appear i will be here if in the dark, we lose sight of love hold my hand, and have no fear i will be here i will be here when you feel like being quiet when you need to speak your mind i will […]

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