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  • lirik lagu all the way up remix – kari k

    all the way up big hills big cliffs guaranteed we at the top running circles round these n*gg*s trynna get all the guap your darkskin is freak she gave black top on black top i think i need my medicine don’t hand me no cough drop little n*gg* gome make it b.i.g the squad stay […]

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  • lirik lagu pink dust – the pink dust

    you heard i been round the world, and i’ve been searching for you gonna find that little girl, but i can’t find the time no more and an old man told me, he said boy you know you gotta be there but he wouldn’t show me, and i ain’t got the time, no i ain’t […]

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  • lirik lagu dum dum (from “phillauri”) – romy, vivek hariharan & shashwat sachdev

    dum dum udti hai dua sau pankh laga tere naam ke ooo. dum dum udti hai duaa sau pankh laga tere naam ke mera dil faqeera ho g*yaa… aaa. mera dil faqeera ho g*ya chal diya woh tere dhaam pe dum dum udti hai dua sau pankh laga tere naam ke dum-dum, dum-dum aa. dum-dum […]

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  • lirik lagu la tierra – letelefono

    no te he vuelto a ver todo comenso con tinieblas me muero de sed cruzo los esp*cios a ciegas no te he vuelto a ver mi calle es la puertas creciendo flotando otra vez tus sombras se manifiestas escucho que llueve pero no es real tu nombre agita la tierra senti que mi piel se […]

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  • lirik lagu perfectly imperfect – c. rich

    [verse] do you know what you want know what you want bae? my love is yours can’t even think about no one but you my hearts here inside this ring and every time i see that pretty smile lord, i swear i hear the angels sing… sing the ups and the downs high and the […]

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  • lirik lagu ready – silkstone

    water falling, out to sea can�£ help laughing at my own misery the table�£ turning something new i better see a spark of light shining thru i�£ breaking falling i�£ tired of this part i play i better stop this now chorus i�£ ready (right about now) i�£ ready (screaming out loud) i�£ ready i […]

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  • lirik lagu how – britney spears

    how can u tell me its not real? how can u tell me u dont feel… like i do. we can save this…this is love we dont want to miss. some questions can’t be answered but how? chorus- how…how can u do these things to me how…i dont know how u cant see that you […]

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  • lirik lagu en saa mielest sinua – eppu normaali

    miksi lhdit pois nyt liikaa juon selvink koskaan yli tuon krapul*ssako makaisin ajatusta sied en ent tuletko takaisin sit tied en muistot rumenee kurkkua kuristaa silmt sumenee kyynel tipahtaa sanat jotka sanoit vois vett vaikka kivest puristaa sanonut et kukkasin siksi korkin hukkasin en saa mielest sinua en saa, en saa etk muistaisi minua edes […]

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  • lirik lagu not a trace – the brandos

    the decline and the fall of modern times let it go on without me tonight rivers will rage skies open wide let ’em rage on without me tonight because i’m home for the first time been such a long time away from the place let the dawn break to find me where no one can […]

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  • lirik lagu alibies – admiral freebee

    you know dean rodeo was always saying what he thinks and sell paradise, had a narrow mind must i become what them gringos became or must i realize this is the life of alibies alibies for coming late and telling lies little girl pets the cat, thinks about the boy in the gootchy old hat […]

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  • lirik lagu 8 ball (remix) – eazy-e

    verse 1: i don’t drink br*ss monkey, like to be funky nickname eazy-e your 8 ball junkie b*ss drum kickin’, to show my sh*t rap a hole in my d*ck, boy i don’t quit crowd rocking motherf*cker from around the way i got a six shooter yo mean hombre rolling through the hood to find […]

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  • lirik lagu when you look me in the eyes – nicholas jonas

    if the heart is always searching can you ever find a home? i’ve been looking for that someone i can’t make it on my own dreams can’t take the place of loving you gotta be a million reasons why it’s true when you look me in the eyes and tell me that you love me […]

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  • lirik lagu god is going to get sick of me – aberdeen city

    caught, caught in the way in the way of a bus the lease is up. the lease is up. they break our legs to prove a point the lease is up. the lease is over a bible in one hand, he makes decisions the lease is up ordered his gun and it’s done and it’s […]

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  • lirik lagu ambulance chaser – search the city

    you said, ?just look on the bright side? but the bright side looks black and white just one more time, can we scale this fence and scream at the city lights? if we’re playing for keeps you already beat me now, i’ve come undone just so you could st*tch me up this damage seems to […]

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  • lirik lagu gateway to the starlight kingdom – potentiam

    i hear no sound,the voices around my eyes can still see,but nothing i feel floating in the tunnels of myself time has no boundaries outside this blindning cage memories of past and future all have their precence my body is driven by it’s subconsious my heart is still beating,a natures machine pounding blood through it’s […]

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  • lirik lagu weathered statues – t.s.o.l.

    weathered statues, tin soldiers that march in our parks wrapped in yellowed newsprint, on their benches in the dark faces fill with sadness, sorrow drawn from your nights surviving on old glories but now the glory’s have died lonely men who are tortured, once proud but now forgotten gnarled hands hold canes, where guns were […]

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  • lirik lagu try not to breathe – rem

    (berry/buck/mills/stipe) i will try not to breathe i can hold my head still with my hands at my knees these eyes are the eyes of the old, shiver and fold i will try not to breathe this decision is mine. i have lived a full life and these are the eyes that i want you […]

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  • lirik lagu kiss of life – rosebuds

    there must have been an angel by my side something heavenly led me to you look at the sky it’s the color of love there must have been an angel by my side something heavenly came down from above he led me to you he led me to you he built a bridge to your […]

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  • lirik lagu the canadian lumberjack – tom conners

    if i sang about a saddle with a l*sso and a gun, you’d thing about a cowboy beneath the prairie sun but i sing about a pine tree with a bucksaw and an axe i sing about a big man, the canadian lumberjack. oh hey! to the happy workin’ bushman, of canada he’s a lumberjack […]

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  • lirik lagu ash – zeous

    пепел на бутонах роз, в моих платьях литр voss твоя сука – архиварий, прикрепляю ссылку в пост firewall лает как волк, сотни блантов, сверху шёлк проскочил, как чиллят трупы в мраке, я давно ушёл lte кричит давно, upload идет томно hdd остановился, нет бэкапа, комп подох во дворе уже темно, открываю я окно у меня […]

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  • lirik lagu star bar – the malfated

    sodom and gomorrah l.a. california bouncers in the hallway groupies block the doorway a-list to c-list psychos grab me by the wrist strangers say they’re on the list i’m too busy getting p*ssed but it’s okay ’cause we’re drunk in the star bar yes it’s okay ’cause we’re drunk in the star bar dallas then […]

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  • lirik lagu get outta my life – rebel meets rebel

    i’ve been cool for far too long just a matter of time before i break i took more sh*t than i wanted to take you can’t look me in the eyes somethings gone wrong and you know i know i’m like a stick of dynamite ready to blow i just can’t accept your lies no […]

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  • lirik lagu rock your mama – ten years after

    rock your mama, and everything will be alright rock your mama, and everything will be alright rock your baby, she’ll let you stay out late at night rock your mama, and let her know that she’s o.k. rock your mama, and let her know that she’s o.k. rock your baby, she’ll let you stay in […]

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  • lirik lagu domicilio coatto – renato zero

    settimo figlio! mio padre ? un coniglio. un figlio per ogni sbadiglio. la fame ci addenta, la miseria ci annienta, e mia madre…? di nuovo incinta! mi scoppia la testa. mai un giorno di festa… la sola speranza, non basta… come fai…a sorridere mai? pignorano il letto. sequestrano il tetto. ci tolgono il gas e […]

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  • lirik lagu angel – pure prairie league

    there’s a silver moon in the midnight sky and lovers are heart to heart but love is a shadow lost in your eyes and time has taken us apart but it’s so far away and so long ago it’s still so strong i want you to know you’re still right here in my heart where […]

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  • lirik lagu cut across shorty – rod stewart

    now a country boy named shorty and a city boy named dan had to prove who could run the fastest to wed miss lucy’s hand now dan had all the money and he also had the looks but shorty must’ve had that something, boys that can’t be found in books “cut across shorty, shorty, cut […]

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