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  • lirik lagu drones over bklyn – el-p

    you better stay aloof when the troops move or suicide booths soothe the who’s who of looters shoot, the bullets go zoom zoom your pain is the p*rn, pal, they pay to pop plain sh*t it’s faded, it’s more foul than famous, it’s hot sin hollywood off the bus f**ked, tender little destruct tucked in […]

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  • lirik lagu moksha – la mocosa

    quisiera poder decirte todo lo que tengo para vos uno de los tantos frutos que la tierra madre regalo cuando lloro siempre estas cuando rio acompañas este barco empieza a navegar y lo bueno es que en el puerto dejo todo lo que me hace mal y el naufragio se interna en el mar con […]

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  • lirik lagu 1094й – элджей

    белый дождь острый, как нож, ветер фонари светят, падает пепел я замёрз, но тебя встретил вкус твоих губ такой же сладкий, как dr. pepper обернись, я стою у тебя в дверях в темноте и ничего тебе не говоря могу устроить беспорядок, как будто так и надо в этой чересчур размеренной жизни мне не доверять повода […]

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  • lirik lagu nacido para matar (en vivo) – erik estrada

    gracias po abris la puertas siento que estoy como en casa duro muy poco mi ausensia pero sigo dando lata cuando me aferro me aferro a mi nadie se me escapa con mi pechera y mi cuerno bazuca y lanzagranada ant*tanque bien cargados en camionetas blindadas compermisito gobierno abranse que esta es mi casa pistola […]

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  • lirik lagu this girl’s in love with you – rumer

    you see this girl this girl’s in love with you yes i’m in love who looks at you the way i do? when you smile i can tell we know each other very well how can i show you i’m glad i got to know you? yes, i’ve heard it said they say you think […]

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  • lirik lagu 40 feet – franz ferdinand

    as i glance once upon the foam forty feet beneath my feet the coldest calm falls through the molten veins cooling all the blood to slush congeals around again lala… and 40 feet remain. salt scales upon my drying arms burn my back beneath the sun but i am cold beneath the burning rays looking […]

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  • lirik lagu just a closer walk with thee – unknown

    i am weak but thou art strong jesus keep me from all wrong i’ll be satisfied as long as i walk, let me walk close to thee just a closer walk with thee grant it, jesus, is my plea daily walking close to thee let it be, dear lord, let it be when my feeble […]

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  • lirik lagu please don’t go my girl 刘在石 & 柳熙烈 – 金朝汉

    romanized lyrics 罗马拼音歌词 geudae hyang-gi geudae miso you are my no.1 nae gieog sog geudaen no.1 hau du yu du oh baby tteugeowossdeon geudae che-on you are always on my mind dalkomhaessdeon kiseu on my mind deep deep deep deep baby please don’t go my girl uli ibyeolhaneun nal oh no nunmullo bam-eul jisaeugo sal-ado […]

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  • lirik lagu i dream – people waldo’s

    chorus: can’t you see that love is all around me can’t you see that love is all around me, yeah! i dream, oh that i could stay forever with you i dream, oh that i could stay forever with you tonight! i dream my dream in this dream with you and we together share an […]

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  • lirik lagu genetic design for dying – aiden

    genetic design for dying dear mother, i am lost and the damage has been done. i’m in love with my old century fix and this needle can’t be wrong, but i wonder, where do we go from here? because we’re never coming home. the sequel to this nightmare lasts forever, forever. one last goodnight with […]

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  • lirik lagu my love – bebo norman

    my love, will you take my hand and run my love, can’t you see that we have just begun when she walks into a room, the whole world freezes to watch her spin just like the wind above the ground she won’t break into you heart, she just eases without a sound my love is […]

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  • lirik lagu junkie – the last ten seconds of life

    [chorus] i must write i’ve seen some truly terrible things tonight pen goes to paper and i feel like a god you know more about me then i’ll ever know about you l*st for affliction junkies of wicked art head on collision felt the kingdom fall hot metal leaves craters in the snow checking all […]

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  • lirik lagu supermarioland – ambassadors of funk

    welcome, and enter the center of my super mario adventure my girl is trapped on the other side of town so i’m movin’ in leaps and bounds folks around my way think i’m strange but there’s a villian to blame even my ma, she thinks i’m crazy but i’ve got to rescue daisy (let’s go!) […]

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  • lirik lagu i need you – mysonne

    (verse) i miss you, baby, no if’s and maybe’s, your silence is driving me crazy, just pick up the phone, you drive me so sick and alone, let’s talk about it, let me just come home, please, let me make it up. the thought of us breaking up got me waking up in cold sweats […]

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  • lirik lagu daddy’s song – kris kristofferson

    i got a day without nothing to do and a “do not disturb” on my door i sorta looked for some mess that she’d made or her sweet little socks on the floor but all that she left here was too many rooms and just enough silence to break and i can’t look at her […]

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  • lirik lagu a shot to end this all – no bragging rights

    we both know how this ends i’m on my knees screaming, “save me” free me from this h*ll i don’t want to stay here (i’m ready to leave) i really hate to ask this (i’m ready to go) just close your eyes and squeeze, do this for me one shot to end this all, we […]

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  • lirik lagu greeting – j rabbit

    oneuldo geudae naege insahajyo nal bomyeo hwanhan misojitjyo jongin nae mameun ontong geudae saenggak ppunijyo ireol ddaen eotteokhajyo nawa gateun kk*meul kkunayo hoksi geudaedo nal chaja hemaenayo siganeul dwedollil sun eobtgettjyo oneuldo geudaen naege insahajyo joyonghi geudae naege insahajyo mal eobsi geujeo doraseojyo jongil nae mameun ontong geudae saenggak ppunijyo ireol ddaen eotteokhajyo nawa gateun […]

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  • lirik lagu just do it (let’s go) – alaine

    ah just make a move do it now yeh you gotta just make a move, do it now y’know you gotta [x2] ahah… if you agree ahah… now it should be ahah… don’t play with me just do it, just do it ahah… i wanna know, how far you’ll go i’m impatient so just do […]

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  • lirik lagu arrival – freternia

    standing in this shadowland not knowing where to go a movement in this ancient world a voice that whispers bright come with me follow my signs i’ll show you a beautiful thing it will give you its power so find it now and you will see almost everything find the mirror and the truth you’ll […]

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  • lirik lagu spit ak – shizit

    people are p*ssed and they’re ready to fight*t’s not a matter of left or a matter of right who is terrorology going to blame? on our side of the riot line it’s all the same i’d rather be starving and free than fat and know they own me do we have to be starving and […]

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  • lirik lagu wait (just a little) – jer coons

    my affection shines right in your eyes i bet you don’t mind ’cause it’s hard to find flaw in being admired it probably makes it hard to say no i know you’re too nice to go, wish you would show every piece of your mind if you knew it’s true this song’s for you well […]

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  • lirik lagu cheap love song – robbie williams

    take your time to unwind you will find it’s love you are living give it sp*ce find your place you will see it’s love you are giving take your time and make things last for the future and not the past i can’t change the way i am it’s all i’ve got this cheap love […]

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  • lirik lagu twentieth century fox – 38 special

    she claims we travel in a rollin’ jet but in fact she arrived on a blue corvette she almost dares to plush your tail loves her daddy’s cash ’cause it spends so well just watch the way she walks, she’s got a double wild figure watch her body talk chorus: she’s a twentieth century fox, […]

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  • lirik lagu as if i’m on drugs – tom dice

    as if i’m on drugs early in the 90s, around age 5 when we first met it wasn’t complicated, what was too tough we kept unsaid we grew up without any struggle, soulmates till the end but are we lovers or just friends? i guess i couldn’t help it, but we were young, how could […]

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  • lirik lagu jah jah blow job – don johnson big band

    i don’t care what you say you can give it away your money don’t mean much to me. i’ve been out on my own gonna got it alone now ’cause that’s the way it’s got to be. ev’rybody tells me how i can beat the odds for now. well i’ve been standing by the fire […]

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  • lirik lagu abandoned forsaken – deadlines

    don’t think you’re fooling me. being alone, it’s such a cold world and i’m not the first to say it. hatred is a virus and i’m the one infected. invading living thoughts to keep itself alive. abandoned, forsaken, desolate, detached. abandoned, forsaken, desolate, detached. hatred is a virus and i’m the one infected. abandoned, forsaken. […]

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