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  • lirik lagu aku mahu pacaran – tegar

    aku yang sekarang, bukan aku yang lama dulu ku seorang, kini ku mahu pacaran pesan ibu ayah cari biar sepadan cantik, rupawan juga beriman puas ku berjalan lihat di tempat orang ada berjuta wajah juga bermacam ragam yang jadi pilihan meski indah di pandangan hati mulia tinggi budi bahasa oohoo. aku bingung bila memikirkan oohoo. […]

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  • lirik lagu no woman’s land – sydonia

    such a cruel cruel world so close to the brink such a f*cked up place for souls to live but i’ll stay alive for one more day just to be with you and your dawn parade i’ve been living for this moment i’ve been given to destroyers it’s no woman’s land all alone i’ve been […]

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  • lirik lagu promises – feat. pierre n’sue – obk

    a-a-a promise of love i never before i felt something wrong i’ve never fallen in the done it’s done on the floor you must be so wrong your silence of love a promise, a promise a-a-a promise of love ya no hace falta que finjas que tu silencio te delato esas llamadas perdidas esos mensajes […]

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  • lirik lagu dead wrong – sohn

    i know when it all began you laid tracks that you don’t feel like going down i know it’s a master plan but this train, it don’t leave twice no, you know what i mean and you know what i mean yeah, you know what i mean you know what i mean you know what […]

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  • lirik lagu mixet tahdo – mäkki feat. pyhimys

    mikset tahdo olla mun kaa, jos mä rakastan sun bemarii? mikset tahdo olla mun kaa, jos mä rakastan sun leviksii? mikset tahdo olla mun kaa jos mä rakastan sun ponnarii? mikset tahdo olla mun? (teflon) miten sulla menee. ootko seurannu suomiräppi scenee. meinaan vaa ku ollaa nykysin aika big deal. ja siks kehtasin laittaa sulle […]

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  • lirik lagu rodeo man – ronna reeves

    (rob royer/beth hooker) you better not fall for the rodeo man if you want a little cottage with flowers growin’ up the wall big pot cookin’ when good friends come to call three little children, two of them planned you better not fall for the rodeo man but oh little sister what did you go […]

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  • lirik lagu bona fide treasure – charlatans

    do do do, do do do ohhhh, the old man gathers up his suitcase, and heads for the sun, me, i’m looking for some bona fide treasure and its dumb, dumb, dumb…… i’m telling you there’s a palace for all the old souls build myself a motor out of matchsticks for the run, run, run, […]

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  • lirik lagu one too many times – demise of eros

    the world lays in bondage to its own false hopes. my heart with is trapped by fruitless desire. can i toss the mountains that crush my freedom into the sea. if not will my very life be ground to dust. will the dust call out your name. can a shackled mouth speak truth. i long […]

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  • lirik lagu will you remember me – jann arden

    will you remember me when i’m gone will you remember me at all i tried to be kind, i tried to be good will you remember me god only knows why we try and fail is this heaven on earth or the fires of h*ll i tried to be honest, it’s hard not to lie […]

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  • lirik lagu vulnerable – tinashe

    1st song from her ‘black water’ mixtape which drops next week! (verse) once upon a time i was all alone how you like me now? do i turn you on? now that you’re drunk i can get on the pole show you what you want, give you what you want, want (verse) have to make […]

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  • lirik lagu another hill – galactic cowboys

    i tried to call you but you were gone way too busy stickin’ the labels on deciding who will swim in the talent pool; and what is cool cultivating more popularity overly concerned with what not to be trendy little fashions that please the eye; you’ll televise whatcha gonna do tomorrow? whatcha gonna do when […]

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  • lirik lagu protagonista – marco masini

    dopo tanti fallimenti sono fiero di me stesso, dei pensieri pi? violenti, che traboccano dal cesso, della mia colpa cristiana, forse sono un par*ssita, ma non faccio la puttana sulla strada della vita. meglio un giorno da leone che un generico ingranaggio, meglio essere aquilone che un patetico pagliaccio, potrei fare il terrorista, un mercenario […]

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  • lirik lagu ramrod (disc 2) – bruce springsteen

    hey, little dolly with the blue jeans on i wanna ramrod with you honey, till half-past dawn let your hair down sugar and pick up this beat come on and meet me tonight down on bluebird street i’ve been working all week, i’m up to my neck in hock come sat*rday night i let my […]

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  • lirik lagu menina, menino – adriana calcanhotto

    menina, menino não deixe de amar o amor é o que há começa quentinho e pode queimar o amor amplifica o amor simplifica gerador do motor de revolucionar o amor sempre estará louco para amar menino, menina não deixe de amar o amor é o que há começa quentinho e pode queimar o amor modifica […]

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  • lirik lagu romántica razón – melodycans

    llegaste cuando menos lo esperaba, cuando más necesitaba, me salvaste yo venia de caer de una emboscada, por culpa de un amor sufrido y maligno que hoy esta tirado en mi basura probablemente llorando, acá todo se regresa y tu me enseñaste a demostrar sin esperar nada a cambio por eso te amo, no hay […]

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  • lirik lagu elevate – frequencerz & warface

    elevate you motherf*ckers motherf*ckers listen to me nothing on this planet is worth going away for because everything after this is amazing whether it’s trying to survive a life that is out of control there is always light at the end of the tunnel there is always a way out elevate you elevate you motherf*ckers […]

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  • lirik lagu taxman – the beatles

    1,2,3,4,1,2 let me tell you how it will be, there’s one for you, nineteen for me, ‘cause i’m the taxman, yeah, i’m the taxman. should five per cent appear too small, be thankful i don’t take it all. ‘cause i’m the taxman, yeah, i’m the taxman. (if you drive a car ), i’ll tax the […]

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  • lirik lagu que me maten – la factorã­a

    coro: que me maten que me maten que ya no quiero la vida vuelve que sin ti yo siento que este mundo me da igual que me maten que me maten sin ti no siento nada ya que eres como el aire que me hace respirar (ahh ahh ah ah ah ahh ahh) pasame los […]

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  • lirik lagu expectations – cut off your hands

    take what you want do you want it all that you want, do you want it it’s what you say that you’ve got nothing to hide with all these expectations hey i dunno, would you ever thought you could change no whenever i’m so afraid i’ve got nothing to hide it’s not a new sensation […]

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  • lirik lagu sad girl – robert francis

    you’re in your green bucks jersey with your blue hair, colors everywhere you’re drinking whiskey and c*ke, from a big gulp, through a red vine i can lie and say i’m fine but rain is falling on the gulf sh*r*s kids are playing in the run-off of a big storm you and i are in […]

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  • lirik lagu carol of the bells – dianne reeves

    hark! how the bells, sweet silver bells all seem to say, “throw cares away.” christmas is here, bringing good cheer to young and old, meek and the bold ding, dong, ding, dong, that is their song, with joyful ring, all caroling one seems to hear words of good cheer from everywhere, filling the air o, […]

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  • lirik lagu shine – b. jon

    ooh, look at you shine baby look at you shine, look at you shine, baby why don’t you shine? look at you shine, baby, look at you shine look at you shine, baby, look at you shine, come on yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, ooh, oh girl, why do you got that look on your face? […]

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  • lirik lagu started from the bottom (freestyle) – verse simmonds

    coming from the bottom now we’re motherf*cking here n*gg* from the top is all to see you down there b*tch you let me in, you’re gonna f*cking get the beers, i hit once than deader, i know i can get better. she calls me in the middle of the night saying you’re just too boring […]

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  • lirik lagu be with me – alexthomasdavis

    take some time to know yourself if you wanna be with me take some time to love yourself if you wanna be with me and i know it’s hard to find and it’s hard to see and i know when times are hard you can be with me be with me be with me and […]

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  • lirik lagu skeisvang 2016 – oefa

    når klokkå bikke 3, strake veien ner te polet. det e i helga det skal skje, konsumera alkoholet. blå, makt, dåkkår e f*cked. ikveld ska skeisvang på blåruss jakt dåkkår har murstein, me har pengår, dåkkår duge jo faen kje lengår. når me er kledd i rødt, e me klare for å festa med alkohol […]

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  • lirik lagu j’ai cach ton mouchoir – yves duteil

    j’ai caché ton mouchoir, j’ai caché ton mouchoir. je te dirai où, plus tard. j’ai caché ton mouchoir, j’ai caché ton mouchoir. tu peux pas pleurer ce soir. comme il faut tout prévoir, j’ai c*ssé ton miroir. tu peux pas non plus te voir. j’ai caché ton mouchoir, j’ai c*ssé ton miroir. tu peux pas […]

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