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lirik lagu 1 mo time – plies

[chorus (2x):]
i know you caught me cheating
and you tired of me lying
i’m gonna be honest with you baby
i know i crossed the line
if you don’t wanna f*ck with me no more than cool that fine
but before you go babe
can we f*ck one more time?

[verse 1]
i know i f*cked up and sorry ain’t
what you wanna here but i can’t change
that sh*t dog it is what it is.
you can go f*ck another n*gg* if that’s how you feel
if that’s going to make you feel better than gone do it h*ll you asked me about this little petty
sh*t and i kept it real i know that sh*t probably hard for you to swallow still i ain’t know how
bad i hurt you ’til i seen your tears i ain’t asking you to accept how a n*gg* live, if you feel
like another n*gg* can treat you better, than it is what it is.
but let the truth be told it’s been my p*ssy for years.
now you got all your little home girls up in your ear just lets f*ck one more
time before you dip

[chorus 2x]

[verse 2]
i know it’s probably best for us to go our separate ways,
’cause i know i’m gonna f*ck up again anyway
but in my motherf*cking heart a n*gg* want you to stay but once you f*ck up this sh*t can
never be straight i’m dead *ss wrong i ain’t got sh*t to say bet you think a n*gg* didn’t
give a f*ck anyway i just had to f*ck you good the other day and how that p*ssy was biting i
didn’t wanna scape you rode that d*ck so long until you started to shake and i can tell when you
would nut i can see it in your face i miss f*cking you from the back and how i grabbed your waist
but most of all i miss how that p*ssy taste

[chorus 2x]

[verse 3]
there ain’t another n*gg* who’s going to f*ck you like i do you can talk that sh*t all you want
but baby you know it’s true i know i f*cked up i said i’m sorry now it’s on you.
you can play stupid and give me away if you want too.
if you say f*ck it it’s over then i guess we through i
know if i caught you cheating i’ll probably cut you loose don’t get it f*cked up i aint trying to
tell you what to do.
whatever decision you make i gotta live with it but whatever your answer
is just make sure you can deal with it but if we do break up i keep trying to get it this
sh*t we going through right now is real silly gone cuss me out and let’s f*ck and gone kill it.

[chorus 2x]

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