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lirik lagu 10 lil’ grips – snoop dogg

[chorus: snoop dogg]
ten little crip n*gg*z runnin outside
all from the turf and they bangin out lives
far from a scrub cuzz from the eastside
where they don’t die they just multiply
so.. don’t give them n*gg*z a reason
to turn it into spray season
don’t give them n*gg*z a reason
because they’ll turn it into crip season

[snoop dogg]
the gangsta’s back, the bank is fat
the gangsta mack, in a gangsta ‘llac
hmm.. fools be like, “break off some cheese”
friends and enemies, aww n*gg* please
f*ck, you thought who pumped you up
stop, you stuck too much, pop, drop, you plucked
it’s all similar to gettin laaaid
on ya back when the motherf*ckin k spraaays
i grind for my shine about my bidness
lunatic on the sh*t and i get ignit (ignit)
gonna proceed to squeeze with ease
one of these, they can’t believe how i leave ’em
look into a mind of a n*gg* that’s crazy
seventeen years old and still a baby
gangstas real, they pop the pill
you cap back, young motherf*cker it’s like that


[snoop dogg]
wake up in the morning lookin funny and sh*t
f*ck a honey dip.. ’cause i got money to get
ain’t no books, ain’t no help, ain’t no role to this
stay focused young homey, that’s the code to this
keep a strap in ya pocket when ya tip through the towns
there’s a million motherf*ckers tryna get you down
a lot of pain in this game, cocaine is the thang
if ya money right then you might get you a chain
but if ya money is low, there’s only one way to go
jack a rapper at a local rap radio show
so mean, so green, crip back to the block
then brag to the homies, show ’em what you got
it’s a gangsta jack (gangsta jack), in gangsta black (black)
and they thought we just gangsta rapped
yeah n*gg*, we take your snaps
your shooby dooby, hooroobies, and your scooby snacks (it’s like that?)
it’s like that!


[snoop dogg]
it’s a whole lot of fillin when you on the eastside
on the eastside, n*gg* we ride
and it’s a whole lot of dealin when you on the eastside
on the eastside, n*gg* we ride
and it’s a whole lot of stealin when you on the eastside
on the eastside, n*gg* we ride
and it’s a whole lot of killin when you on the eastside
eastside, yeah n*gg* we ride


[snoop dogg (singing)]
they say it’s crazy out here, it ain’t no more fun
i can’t walk down the street without my gun, gun

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