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lirik lagu 2 dumb – the pack

do u hit this yea u kno who da f*ck i am, no introduction needed
its the pack nfl(yess) wut it do, wut it do already kno

[chorus: x2]
hey my n*gg*s go 2 dumb, 20 deep in the party and we all on one (thizz) yess and the grapes stay smokin’ donuts in the street wit the doors wide open

[verse 1: stunna]
u gotta scr*per hit the gas start yokin, i’m dumb tipsy but a n*gg* still focused, this block sh*t u could catch a n*gg* posted, kick it wit a bop, (one time i poke it), finna plug ya airways
just like locusts,15s on slump always scr*pin’ through oakland,yeaaa, young stunna so icey, u ain’t never seen a n*gg* out here like me, l.r.g. hoodie wit my coke white nikes, from the b-town
so u kno i get hyphy, i sh*t on n*gg*s i’m somethin’ like a seagull,smoke great ticks 24s on the reagell, yokin with young l hittin donuts like street geal, u ain’t goin dumb, u aint tellin the truth, my n*gg*s go
18 while they still on roof, we in da 4 door park avenue, f*ck the coop.

[chorus x2]

[verse 2: stunna]
wut they say stunna sick like aids, and my watch looks like it was dipped in kool-aid, so i guess u say this young n*gg* got it made, say u get money like me, i don’t believe ya, cuz my ears look like ive been sittin
in the freeza, yeaa or rapid *ss n*gg*s, george clooney type, actin *ss n*gg*, i, i,i i’m so bay wit it, it ain’t a scr*per if it ain’t got the suction wit it, u can hear me from a block away, and u don’t want it homeboy cuz i like to chop or spray, right were ur mama lay, yea
n*gg* don’t play, its the t.h.e. p.a.c. 2 da k and i’m s.t.u.n.n. 2 da a, stunna n*gg*s thizzin all day, rest in peace mac dre, young l on the beat, its reffered to the bay.

[chorus x2]

[verse 3: stunna]
these feezy jeans i’m way to fly, purple stuff i’m way to high, scr*pin’ at the window my n*gg*s on both sides, 2 stewy in the party my n*gg*s don’t lie, $200 shoes who is betta than i, yea my squad go retarded, and f*ck where u from,we goin bang regardless cuz we
da hardest, so you’d betta be the smartest, first thing on ur agenda get the f*ck up out the party, (yea) before u get stomped out, got 100 n*gg*s wit me and we all from the south, bops get me in the sheets, especially when i got they best friends on my team
my turf n*gg*s put ur sh*t in the air,how u kno u own a turf,cuz theres dreads everywhere, 50 henney in my hand, i blow purple in the air (yess)

hey my n*gg*s go 2 dumb 20 deep in the party and we all on one (thizz) yess and the grapes stay smokin’ donuts in the streets with the doors wide open…

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