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lirik lagu 2 times & pass – mac dre

ah ah
blah blah
n*gg*z get their thoughts together
bum balum b*m b*m
n*gg*z get their thoughts together
bum b*m
hey look over here i’m open
p*ss it
right yeah
p*ss the weed motherf*cker
hey mister babysitter would you look at all them ashes
the blunts going out is you ever gonna p*ss it
rat b*st*rd it’s always you
sneaking extra hits i wanna get high too
don’t lie fool i see it in your eye
aight how come i don’t look that high
cause you been smoking more than i (hey man we need some more weed)
hmm i wonder why
hey man what’s this all on it slob
n*gg* quit given the blunt a bl*w j*b
always cutting trying to show stop
oh you get an extra hit just because you threw a dos spot
i need some more pot cause this ain’t kosher
call rich the factor cause i need dosier
man you know what you can take your swisher sweet to the face
i’m gonna get a backwood and roll me an eighth

[chorus x2]

hit two times and p*ss
can i smoke with you
hit two times and p*ss
that’s what your supposed to do

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