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lirik lagu 39 – tenacious d


she’s 39, but she still looks young
not very young, but a lot of fun
she’s my 39 lady in the sun

49 and i’m feelin’ fine
in the sun that’s a lot of fun
drinkin’ mai tais, kickin’ back with my flip-flops on

i’m wearin’ socks and my toe is tight
i think about her every d*mn night
39 year-old lady, she looks pretty good to me

i’m 49, drinkin’ white wine
not goin’ out with no 19 year-old chickities no more
from now on i got my 39 year-old wh*r*

don’t you call her a wh*r*
i’ll f*ckin’ tear your esophagus out
she’s sweet and she’s getting old
and she’s mine, to have and to hold

she needs a dentist appointment quick
i pay for it and she sucka my d*ck
when we text each other, i fiddle with my *n*s

ahh, stick a finger in it!
then a f*ckin’ didariddly doo
and i f*ckin’ gots to spew
upon my belly, dripped upon my shoe
get me a tissue

chardonnay in the setting sun
she’s 39, but she’s number one
get the apartment just right, she’s comin’ over tonight

i like it cause i don’t feel scared
she’s 39, i’m in my underwear
here she comes, comin’ down the hallway
she’s knockin’ on my door!

i open the door
there she is, not too bad, good enough
39 year-old lady, young enough for me
b**bies droopin’, but she’s good enough for me
trimmed her p*ssy hairs, good enough for me
mature woman, she’s my lady

uh huh, uh huh, ooh yeah
she ain’t gonna be f*ckin’ around with no other guys
nanananah-nah, she’s mine, she’s my special lady
special lady

we can see a f*ckin’ movie
and agree it’s a total piece of sh*t
comfortable shoes, never lose
we can f*ckin’ talk about some things
she don’t need no diamond rings
she don’t need no diamond rings

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