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lirik lagu 40 – slide through – e

slide through
(with too $hort)
(feat. tyga)

[verse 1: e-40]
i got a sack of that romulan and i’m ready to party
a box of them condoms and a bottle of dark
i’m ready nine milli in case they think i’m a mark
[?] i park and then i head out the lot
freshly hitted and fitted, from my head to my socks
but she don’t wanna suck me, she wanna f*ck my watch
my diamonds h*lla noisy, sound like an opera when they sing
big *ss medallion ’round my neck, look like a playground scene
she say ‘i like yo bling, i like yo ice’
‘how much it cost? ‘ a few dollars, but f*ck the price
got it from selling nasal candy, base rocks, rice
without the soy sauce, cappers, some sleepless nikes (belee dat)
i’m a whale, i’m a top hat
i’m rocking what i see and what i’m looking at
you got the snapback and i ain’t talking ’bout the cap
pretty young thang, like h*lla pre

[verse 2: too short]
i told her put something s*xy on
no bra, little dress, and thong
i’m coming through with that extra long
ipod with the best songs
when i’m h*rny i don’t play b*tch
hit the store and got a bottle of your favourite sh*t
i know how to please a woman
give her what she wants when i’m c*ming
i like loading aim
then i’m up out on the road of game
all these females know my name
heard i was slanging that golden thang
too many traps too check
b*tches always wanna have nasty s*x
but it’s too much cash to get
i never leave empty-handed, ask the b*tch

[verse 3: tyga]
king guapa, panty dropper
give a b*tch that boom; chief rocka
shock locker, neck boppers, phantom driver
all white ghost, no opera
street mobber, rich one to kick like shocka
riding with a thing on my thing; let it chop her
f*ck coppers, ‘bang bang’ at yo partna
we body, you body boys no problem
sick wid it, no liers
admit it, forty water, we on fire
wet p*ssy, now i’m diving
full of that drink, now i’m driving
i’m a beast b*tch, on ya knees b*tch
off the hennessey, now we looking for a freak b*tch
like lil b said, ‘i can f*ck yo b*tch’
so i’m a f*ck yo b*tch

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