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lirik lagu 41fivin – 415

they don’t get any bigger than this)
(ain’t no half-steppin)
(they don’t get any bigger than this)
(ain’t no half-steppin)
(they don’t get any bigger than this)
(ain’t no half-steppin)
(till you get to colombia)
(ain’t no half-steppin)
[ verse 1: richie rich ]
this one is dedicated to the posse
the founder, the author of ‘n*gg*s just jock me’
the dj daryl who cuts so sweet
f*ck the bullsh*t, the man makes beats
the jigga, the gee, the j, the e, the d
my road dog, the man slick money
415 complete, that’s it
a new year’s resolution to make hits
’89 my pen and paper were taxed
but see in ’90, my sh*t is comin on wax
money put together right, so we could use it
talent so d*mn tight, we make music
loc, a mic artist, straight sinister
dj daryl on the cut, the prime minister
the j the e the d, straight lethal
but in the ’90s he’s goin legal
those who don’t know will soon be realizin
that the crew is just 41fivin
[ *dj daryl cuts up* ]
[ verse 2: richie rich ]
415 is the code to the eastside
so if you’re not strong, fold to the weak side
loc’s got the ammo, i ride the tank
daryl does the cuttin and jed packs the bank
all from the oaktown, but different spots
don’t catch a bullet, punk, it’s way hot
the stage belongs to the crew that’s on it
so think about the funk before you say that you want it
because we came to do a show and we do it legit
and we packed along a posse just to kill up sh*t
see, a joke is a joke, like pullin a plug
you catch a hot one when you’re f*ckin with a thug
we don’t play that sh*t, we believe in survival
but we’ll cold catch a murder beef when we’re 4

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