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lirik lagu 666 – john frusciante


something these days in the air
i’m afraid to sing this song
‘cuz no one answers me
got in the way of this one chance of mine
i throw it back
it wasn’t gonna last
i jumped ahead
there was a slipstream
one good feeling there
i got out quick
lower than i go
i’m a pinball
sticking through alot
then down the side wall
the drop
i must have been alone
in the mean time
nothing comes my way
i’m proud to say
i crossed a line
i said goodbye
this state to recreate
is the drain of time
i lead you on
there were no days to wait for
no carrying on
life’s still a disease
help it along
it’s a sure thing
everyone i meet is a laughing star
who dropped
you all ought to walk through a poster
you should see how things align
change how you see a decline
see how high you really climb
the drop

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