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lirik lagu 67 – mellowhype


smoke weed, uh

[verse 1]
i hate fears, i shake spears
i know pain from cuts and bruises when you lose, i can relate tears
i haven’t seen my father for seven going on eight years
thirteen in the spot you left me out like i’mma wait here
yellow is for my mom’s favorite color
white cause thats the race i kept getting in trouble by
and you ask me why my father couldn’t be a man? he’s a lullaby
and this song just cut at two minutes and 24 seconds
sh*t, my tempers like, two minutes from lifting this weapon
scr*ping the residue off the dresser along with the necklace
time to start my day strong, i’m f*cking with breakfast
prejudice, they hate to see a n*gg*r in a lexus
self paid, self made, self sun, self shade, oh
i guess they wanna be like me now, but before they couldn’t see how
drunk in cl*ss off of corona, alcohol in my arizona
it’s because my life was in a coma

i’m all alone in this world, sh*t, i’m all alone in this world
am i all alone in this world, am i all alone in this world?

[verse 2]
i almost sliced my cop n*gg*, i probably would’ve
if i didn’t knew, i was gonna be a top n*gg*
too bad i’m genius for my own genius, st*tched and seamless
from the hoop-d to the beamers, grocery store to the creamers
n*gg* non-believers for the dreamers
i is for the teamless, n*gg* do you know who we is?
the feces of jesus, mo’nique big, as she’s there
before the present business, n*gg*s wasn’t f*cking with this sh*t
left brain is my witness, who the f*ck are all you b*tches?
(who me? what’s your name?) what’s my name?
whats your name, whats your name, baby girl whats your name?
what are you sayin’, keep it playin’, cause i cannot comprehend
you’re trying to fly with my crew to spain, we built this sh*t, without a crane
and truly all i want is your f*cking brain, afterwards i never see your *ss again
shes like “man, f*ck you!” i don’t give a f*ck b*tch, i cant trust you

i’m all alone in this world, sh*t, i’m all alone in this world
am i all alone in this world, am i all alone in this world?

now, if you’ve ever been alone in your life put your hands up
if somebodys let you down, put your hands up
if you need a lending hand sometimes then put your hands up
now reach out, i can relate

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