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lirik lagu a mermaid’s tale – almadrava

i have n*body for a conversation,
it might be pretty normal in my situation.
i’m in the ocean, floating under burning sun,
completely alone and trying to find someone.

i hear a song, it’s like a prayer.
this melody shows me the way.
it carries me like the wind, a feather,
and in the nights it’s a shining ray.

everytime louder, i can hear you sing your song.
i just hope i’ll find you after so long.
i’m nearly fainting, i go on the blink.
it’s fun, so much water and not one drop to drink.

i hear a song…

i still remember when i left the ship.
the ones i love, they were all asleep.
no-one believed me, cause they couldn’t hear you,
they must be trying to find, where i was going to.

i heard a song, it was like a prayer.
this melody was sung for me.
it carried me like the wind, a feather,
and now i am drowning in the sea.

i hear a song, it’s like…

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