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lirik lagu a modern day prodigal son – brantley gilbert

i set out one night in the fast lane bound for freedom
in a truck that daddy bought me
and money mom had saved for school

i laid down all my books and picked up the drinking
h*ll i let ’em down
when i gave up like a fool

and one reckless night just lookin’ for my whiskey
i found a bible mama gave me and read a while
i read a story ’bout a man who lived just like me
then finally ate his pride and came runnin’ home

and lord i’m a renegade, a rambler
i’ve squandered all i’ve owned
a bonified runaway, i’m a gambler
can’t count the lies i’ve told
and i need redemption, how ’bout forgiveness
and i pray for open arms, and be with me lord
’cause i’m comin’ home, like a modern day prodigal son

i had all of my things packed by early mornin’
i left that bottle i’d lost right there on the bathroom floor
i stopped at a payphone and called back home to mama
yeh she might not even talk after all i’ve done

the phone rang twice before i got an answer
and mama nearly dropped the phone when she heard me say
i said mama it’s your son and will yall have me
she said son you know i’ve longed for this day

[chorus 2x]

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