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lirik lagu a.s.a.p. – bardot

asap, asapi’m so tired of creepin’ around
i’m walking on eggsh*lls
like a thief in the night
sneaking in and out of your house
see, your momma don’t like me
i admit that i’m no angel
but i treat her with respect
still she don’t care
baby, believe me
my patience is running on empty
chorusyour momma’s in my business
can you tell her to let me be, asapshe’s been on my nerves from day one(what’s going on?)can you tell me what is this conspiracy against me, asapback off you can’t touch this chemistry
retreat asaphow does it feel for you? being stopped by your very own mum
our relationship’s for two
now the time has come
so what’s it gonna be
gonna follow your mum
obey everything she says
or will you stand on your own
the choice is yours
don’t take too long’cause, i’ll be gone
baby, believe me
my patience is running on empty
repeat chorusshe’s tapping your phone
to check who’s calling
from dusk until dawn
she’s on your tail
whenever we’re alone
i can feel her peeking
been going on too long
won’t take this no more
baby, believe me
my patience is running on empty
repeat chorus twiceasap (asap)asap (please mum let me be)asap (stop harr*ssing me)asap (please mum let me…)asap (oh stop harr*ssing me)asap (oh won’t you let me be)stop harr*ssing me, yeah
cause she don’t know me or my history

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