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lirik lagu abused – addict

won’t take me home, i’m sweetness to the bone
i’m silken and discreet, amiable and cheap
meat for you to pound, to beat and smack around
holes for you to fill with anything you will
but i won’t apologise for the things that i do
i am victimized but so you are
there is nothing i’ve not seen, i’m bruised but i’m clean
if you’re turned off by my my tracks just get up on my back
i’m prouder than you’d guess, i’m honest more or less
for i will not pretend, i’ll never be your friend
and i won’t apologize for the things that i do
i am victimized but so you are
and i don’t apologize for the means that i choose
you’re as compromised as i am abused
love knows these lips, never kissed before
and at my fingertips are the secrets of a wh*r*
bring to me your l*st
you’re cursed and you are weak
in myself i trust
in my bed you leak

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