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lirik lagu add me baby – a.o.n


just got outta school and i’m headed back to my place
bout to get online and check out mysp*ce
do i gotta friend request? i don’t know, maybe
i just want you to add me baby

{verse 1}

soon as i got home i hustled to my room
i’m hopin that i might get 2k soon
but as i get online i look to my dismay
i didn’t get a single d*mn friend request today
what the h*ll do i gotta do to get ya to add me
i barely got over a 1, 000 friends and i’m not happy
for a sec i thought about bein a mysp*ce wh*r*
but then again, i’m not your mom, so that plans out the door
you denied my friend request?! that sh*t just ain’t gon work
my fame won’t be taken away by you f*ckin jerks
you won’t add me b*tches?! then i’ll f*ck up your worlds
this song right here goes out to everyone of yalls’ girls


{verse 2}

i get online now cause it’s a brand new day
looked at my friend requests, i got 88
as i scroll down through em, guess what i see
pictures of all yalls’ girls starin back at me
some of them even put me in their top 8
but don’t get mad at me b*tch, and you better not hate
i didn’t tell em to do it, that was their decision
if you can’t stand the heat then get outta the kitchen
with my total friend requests today reachin 99
i’ll be hittin 10k friends in no time
if you don’t add me b*tches, then i’ll f*ck up your worlds
this song right here goes out to everyone of yalls girls


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