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lirik lagu alive – leona lewis


i breathe, i hear
but i don’t believe it
my heart, it beats
but inside i’m freezing
my hands shake
they’ve lost all their feeling
no air to take
you say that you’re leaving
and there’s no turning back this time
gotta stay alive

where do i go when i’m so alone?
where do i turn when we were so close?
we try not to crash but we still collide
tears i’ve cried, i’ll survive
i’m alive

i’m stripped, i’m bare
i’m left here with nothing
i hold the wheel
don’t know where i’m going
your face, i see, in every reflection
no time, no sp*ce
i’ve lost all direction
and there’s no turning back this time
gotta stay alive


i’m gonna get there someway
through all the tears and the rain
and any road i can take
just to get me some place
where all the scars on my heart
and all the lies in the dark
disappear in my headlights
so bright, tonight
gonna drive them away


i’m alive

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