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lirik lagu all his love – 50 cent

all his love

[chorus: singing]
he gon’ give you all his love! (love…)
he gon’ give you all his time! (time…)
he won’t let a minute go by (by…)
without the thought of you crossing his mind! (mind…)
i be like: “f*ck a b*tch! ” – i’m tryna stay rich
no time to concentrate on hoes. (hoes…)
even if i f*ck that b*tch do the freakiest sh*t
by the morning – i got to go! (go…)

[verse 1:]
yeah! – i got all kinda b*tches: from vet b*tches to beginner b*tch (uh!)
my phone ringing and i ain’t answering cause i’m in a b*tch. (yeah!)
i’m all like a pimp than a trick. – i send a b*tch! (hahaaa!)
50’s and lead escorts, call me the runner b*tch. (whoooooo-whooooooooooooooohhhhhh!)
if we going out, we going dutch pay for your inner, b*tch!
look b*tch! – this is my life, i’m on some different sh*t.
every different day i wake up to play with a different b*tch
b*tches love me. (yeah!) – just like i loooove me! (yeah, yeeeah!)
fat b*tch, skinny b*tch, short b*tch, tall b*tch (uh!)
you want buy me sh*t? – meet me at the mall, b*tch!
then the strip club, now holla at your *ss, b*tch!
get the cash, b*tch, and then go back to your man, b*tch!


[verse 2:]
i got a ghetto b*tch, a good b*tch, a certified hood b*tch (whoooohhhh!)
you with me to the end. – b*tch f*ck me and a friend is sad. (uh-huh!)
i’m headed to the top, b*tch, i’m tryna get it on! (yeah!)
a real b*tch’ll be there for a n*gg* if he fall.
the club packed front to the back up in this b*tch (uh-huuuh!)
got on my louie checkers grey and black up in this b*tch.
diamonds on my neck! – diamon’-diamonds on my neck!
b*tch n*gg* front if you want. – we got swammies on the deck! (ooohhh!)
put your *ss here – over a b*tch, the b*tch ain’t sh*t
since a p*rno clip with a b*tch. – she can’t suck d*ck;
but d*mn n*gg*, use your head!
she gon’ find another d*ck to suck when you’re dead! [echoes] (hahaaa!)

this that sh*t right here.
feel like it’s s’pose to be on that “detox”!
n*gg*s think they better than me…
but they not!
f*ck that!
i’m just gon’ start over!
so why you act like i ain’t been that n*gg* 8 years?
and i’m a new n*gg*!
call me “ferrari”!
gg-gg- g-unit!

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