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lirik lagu all i know – the game

“all i know”
(feat. luu breeze)

[hook: luu breeze]
all i know is this pain in this life
and this struggle it troubles me so
all i know is that i’m stuck on this road
of success so i got to get mine
all i know is this pain in this life
and this struggle it troubles me so
all i know all i know

[verse 1:]
red phantom, they say i look like josh smith from atlanta
i do, hachoo, excuse you, that n*gg* look like me
he from the g.a., and i’m m easy, that’s game
i don’t do what you n*gg*s do, that’s lame
i soo woo with my crew from the from the burque
i soo woo with my crew, from under young wayne
a walkin’ motherf*ckin’ flame
livin’ up to my brothers name
rockin’ that red sh*t, wasn’t f*ckin’ with them other gangs
most other gang’s, they wasn’t f*ckin’ with me
ain’t your average motherf*cker, i’m a motherf*ckin’ g
i got some sh*t on my chest that i want to get off
i got some sh*t for that vest that will knock that bullsh*t off
money like made off, killing like aid off, royal holiday
hillel f*cking kay off, and i don’t take a f*cking day off…


[verse 2:]
cincinnati c hat, boston b hat, them is me hats to the philadelphia p hats
believe that; bring it to the hood so you can see that
dumb *ss n*gg*s like game, where the keys at?
automatic start, n*gg* where the trees at?
red boned b*tch like alisha, where the keys at?
freeze that, like a f*cking picture
if you ain’t a blood i ain’t f*cking with ya na i’m just f*cking with ya
stay on my hood sh*t, hop in the bucket with ya
throw the ski masks on and get to straight f*cking with ya
ain’t that some sh*t, that bustards sick
you wanna know how i’m livin’ n*gg* ask your b*tch
told you precisely how to ask and sit, and she a nasty b*tch
i came in her mouth ask her lips, you know why?
cause i had to go past them lips, crip
you probably paid for those *ss and t*ts for…


[verse 3:]
f*ck with the blood clock, smile for my mug shot
can’t go out like em but i love big, i love pac
love fab, love kiss that’s where the love stops
cause i sleep with the enemy and i hug blocks
birthed me in the drug spot, n*gg* with a att*tude
searching me is f*ck cops, n*gg* pay your grat*tude
before you say i’m acting ruth
understand i’m tryna feed my people
haiti just like compton the way i’m packing food
but i will act a fool, put cheese on your head
motherf*cker i will green bay packer you
have a whole football team of n*gg*s after you
like the punt turn, when will you f*cking learn
now take your *ss back to school
wait till 3-o-clock click clack at you
and f*ck with your conscience like back packers do
and i ain’t talib, black though or mos def
but i’ve seen the most deaths
and n*gg* i’m just telling you

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