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lirik lagu all my sons – battery

cars, bombs, radio-waves. snakes, posion, the whole upper state. television, pirde, video games, nuclear warfare, the electric chair. nurse, rape, remote controls. our local government with a lack of goals. capitalism, nationalism, murder conducts one’s own hate for one’s own love. censorship, companionship, the loss of lies… as new ideas fly by. pink slips, the homeless, and the loss of life. america proud to meet its demise. black flags, conservatives, read my lips, all of these found in fellowship. prosaic, crack, the want for smack. where the destruction of our future lies.
a symphony of wires tangled in twine. everyday of our lives, we all stand side by side. we all wait day by day.
corparte ladders, monoplies, drug addictions futile to please. world hunger, the bush committee, e-mail, iraq, pro life, the catholic chruch, socialist f*cks, who does it hurt? cell phones, new york, jesus saves, enron, raves, ecstasy. anthrax, fax, sattellite, dsl, read your rights. snipers, flow, school shootings, security, prosecution, immunity. unemployment, the economy, world trade, hiv’s. the patriots, the drunks, the “f*gs”, the flags, new fads. terrorism, the land of the free, the clinically insane is now your enemy. sleeper cells, our country, the downfall, of world community. our destruction is corruption…

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