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lirik lagu all that talking – the cat empire

and when it happens it’s like
honey and pain
h*rns in the rain
misty seas and mysteries
a dog with no name
it’s that time again
not sure if i’m sleeping
but the vision’s as clear
as fog on the pier
someone fishing aimlessly
a thought’s an idea
a sound is an ear
and gods with none believing
being chased by the lamb
a knife in its hand
looked down from that mountain
saw the moon get a tan
on the beach with no sand
something came and something ran
to make up my mind
is it bleak or it fine?
she looked a little doubtful
smirked and said it’s divine
to light with no lime

oh it’s too late i can’t stop
moving my mouth
i’ll shush but i’ll shout
something’s got a hold of me
those words coming out
like froth on a stout
dreamboat’s sailing into
stormy weather i see
salty debris
cows and tigers jumping at some
mad dignity
but p*ssionately we’ll be
oh finding
ways without words
to sing and to purr
loving without declarations
stuttered and slurred
elephants blurred
nerves resisting urges serve
to speak with no sight
a bat taking flight
only to find tooth marks
in that s*x dynamite
my girl’s got a bite
that’s right

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