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lirik lagu almighty dollar – devin the dude

“almighty dollar”

[verse one:]
seventeen dollars all to my name
i had to spend two went to got me a drank
at a sto’ fo’ mo’ for a box of squares
i seen a fine b*tch i had to stop and stare
it was hot and she was walkin’ in the scorching sun
i said, “get in pretty girl i don’t want you to burn.”
she said she lives across town and needed a ride
i would have took her but this gas is too highhhhh
i kept flippin’
i kept dippin’
i can’t be wasting my time
went to the tre for a dime
now, i got a dollar left
might as well give it to someone else, i can help
tried to hand it to a brother
he said, “man, you need more than this mothaf*cka”

the almighty dollar
it ain’t what it used to be
hobos used to asked you for a dollar
now the motherf*ckers ask you for three
the almighty dollar
well that’s what they used to say
one dollar used to be a whole lot, but it hardly worth sh*t today

[devin talking]
well sh*t, give me my dollar back n*gg*
when i’m in the tre i might as well go buy t.s.u.
see what these fine girls do around here
go to franklin’s and smell me some chicken or something
d*mn, what are all these helicopters doin’ around this mothaf*cka?

continue my journey with the ac off
smoke rushin’ out the window every time i cough
i sw*ng to the right and let the police p*ss
the n*gg* tryin’ to get away, them laws on his *ss
but i’m glad it ain’t me
aw naw, not now
i’m tryin’ to rise, tryin’ to climb
don’t want to fall back down
so i put the sweet out and wait until i arrive
treat it like a now ‘n’ later because i’m already highhhhhh
i had no need for fronting
ain’t even try to be funny
n*gg* got to have money
some of us love it
some of us hate it
some of us need it
almighty dollar


[clerk] h*llo. how you do?
[devin] yeah what’s up man? let me get ah, two cigarillos
two gallons of gas, and these two budweisers right here
[clerk] oh, two budweisers. fifteen dollar
[devin] say what?
[clerk] fifteen dollar.
[devin] man you bullsh*ttin’ man
[clerk] no, fifteen dollar you got two…
[devin] naw, naw naw. get me get, one gallon of gas
one cigarillo and just one budweiser then f*ck it

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