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lirik lagu american psycho – d12

american psycho

i’m the devil – if ever there was such a thing
the results of much too many drugs what you’re seeing
i’m a mindf*ck, completely dis-(gus)-ting
i’m (white), a human mutt, f*ck a being
i’m a dog – f*ck lambs, i’m silencin ’em all
i’m involved in murders forensic science couldn’t solve
giant set of b*lls too big to buy a set of drawers
might as well unzip my fly and let ’em fall to the floor
each thought’s completely warped
i’m like a walkin, talkin, ouija board
speakin in tongues, i’ve never spoke this speech before
.. hhem-delle-la, ennich-me-noughh-mi-niche-mick-norr ..
have you ever experienced spirits in lyrics when you hear ’em
’til you scared to stare in into any mirrors when you near ’em?
well if so, get ready for some sh*t yo
“is this some kind of sick joke?” sh*t no, motherf*ckin schitzo
so disturbed, he just goes so berzerk he tiptoes
this verse was his urge to slit throats of just hoes
just goes to shizzow you dizzon’t, fizzuck with
so-someone this disturbed, sa-sippin on si-zzurp
so – lock your doors, drop to the floors
get your shotguns drawn – here comes another “clockwork orange”
look at bizarre; you really think he’s right in his mind?
what the f*ck you think’s goin through it when he’s writin his rhyme?

[chorus: eminem]
you bout to – journey into the mind of a psychopath killer
blood spiller, mentality much iller
than you could ever imagine in your wildest dreams
you’ll feel his pain and his silent screams
you bout to – journey into the mind of a psychopath killer
blood spiller, mentality much iller
than you could ever imagine in your wildest dreams
you’ll feel his pain and his violent screams

it’s friday night, i’m at a rave again
pickin up transvest*tes on my harley-davidson (hey hop on)
my girlfriend’s a crackhead wh*r*
she’ll come to your door, suck your d*ck on the floor
and take your bottles to the store (n*gg* i’m takin these)
have you ever seen a b*tch get beat because she won’t cheat
run the street and suck another n*gg*’s meat?
my son’s sixteen years old with nowhere to stay (dad it’s me)
i told him he wasn’t mine, slammed the door in his face
and i ain’t got no food, my job i’ve been cheated
my girlfriend had a miscarriage (i’m sorry) i had to eat it (ohh)
my d*ck is burnin, it ain’t cause of disease
because i’m jackin off with gasoline mixed with antifreeze (ahh!)
i’m livin in waco texas, me and my girl
f*ck david koresh, i’m startin my own world
it’s called bizarre cemetary, it’s scary
eatin a virgin’s cherry, they’re all gonna laugh at you carey


[kon artis]
i was born feet first, smoke 40’s and drink weed
the lord rehe*rs*d my birth, i’m the worst breed
a n*gg* you ever set sight on, my right arm’s
got more power than 5 a iontons dragon’s python so
“journey into the mind of a psychopath killer”
light yo’ *ss like a liquid nitro-gas spiller
psycho slash michael myers, michael jack’s “thriller”
rifle slash knife f*ggot that’s your “cop killer”
as a yung’un, i was beat where i was livin (aight)
crossdressed just to get thrown in the women’s prison
i guess i was just stressed to be a hoodlum
being pressed caused the stress that caused the ritalin
pressed stressed and ritalin caused the cop’s feelings
to be hurt after they seen what i did to those children
i’m vulgaric, you bo derek; i throw you face flat off the terrace
so you can have somethin to stare at


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