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lirik lagu an unconcious discovery – anal holocaust

she was drunk
but i didnt f*cking care
somtiems you just gotta find a drunk girl
or else your stuck with your hand in the bathroom
jacking off social distortion
this girls f*cking drunk get the f*ck off her
i dont f*cking care its not like i get any anyways..
this isint just for you,its for all of us ,everyone
all of you f*cking a drunk girl right here right now
now way this is for me not you mother f*ckers
oh doug your c*cks so big
oh you know it baby
i just want to jack you off right here right now
i wanna shuve my d*ck so far down your throat you gag
oh mmm your c*m taste so yummy
just like raw stake
s*x obssesed and i gotta big d*ck
s*x obsessed and i gotta big d*ck
you suck and you suck my head off
and your gunna die

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