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lirik lagu anne marie – angkor wat

i’ve got a hot white
burning inside
that time only
feeds my minds
only need
i add your fuel
to my fire
my flames burn higher
and higher
shaking, shaking
i feel my body aching
into the whole down deep in my soul
i shrink into my faking
the day grows nearer
and p*sses like an angry cat
that sat i feel upon back
and it’s claws run through my tears
see is what i feel again…
see is what i feel again…
i’ve had the taste of dry sand in my mouth
the grit can feel my teeth run white
but will ever find the future
if i can’t forget about the past?
lies away-
i feed your hungry head
you need it, you slimy black sp*ce
leave alone the things i say
lies away
i cease to explain no more
your hungry heads pleads and pleads for more
my body needs the touch of a hand
to soothe my shakin-
i feel my body achin-
can you soothe my need?
it’s what i want
please turn around…
oh but tomorrow is mine…

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