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lirik lagu appetizer – twisted insane

hopping on them killing and murdering always,
kill em when i serve em and burn em in hallways,
if they wanna test it i’m giving em all aids,
i will put you up in a ditch and your b*tch will dig all day,
fill em full of sickopotamus i recall it,
they find the body it’s highly obvious ain’t no stopping this,
when i’m popping this n*gg*s dropping it i ain’t making no promises,
but i be all up in it like i was a gynecologist,
the lyrical fiend,
jumping up over the n*gg*s putting their bodies up in the river cause they don’t wanna worship a monster,
not done till i conquer,
i’m taking they heads off whenever they wanna run up and they get their brain split bizzankers,
in the nighttime out putting in work,
everyone looking at me, cause i be putting em in the dirt,
hacking away at the feet, stabbing the dinner until it hurt,
all hail insane or you will get merched,
n*gg*s talk wack and they take a cat nap,
one false move and your hearin the blap blap,
you never know when n*gg*s is coming to klack klack,
that’s why i keep a strap in my ghostbusters backpack,
f*ck with me then,
anytime any city it don’t matter you gone have to f*ck with my friends,
the b-r-a-i-n,
go ahead and trip watch the lil homies go in,

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