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lirik lagu april 27th – hodgy beats

april 27th

she is going down that crack rock road
let go of the steering wheel grab the matchbox slow
take a dose of what most of us call that robot nose
give you sh*t until i dip it like a pothole
when i’m glancing you looking at me, seeing i got gold
i put my foot down, baby girl i got soul
and so what if i’m a non-believer?
with the life beyond your boundaries
you step in, i could make your heaven h*ll
and use it as a weapon well
empty sh*lls, jail, no bail
maybe parole, when i roll
you will go out the load ’til i explode, c4 boom
the only one who blows my head like ballons
can’t wait til my baby out of that coc**n of yours
he will bloom, of course
and consume the source that we giving, it’s a given
it’s a given when i look up in the sky
i don’t see a f*cking ribbon
that’s on top of what contains your intelligence
you’re my relevance, your my angel, i haven’t seen heaven since
they say that red is the color of the devil’s dress
finding the b*tch, she a fully-dressed dish

d*mn, ayo i just… you know, i… you know how i feel, right? i mean
i don’t really have to elaborate anymore, it’s just like, in your face…

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