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lirik lagu associates – slim thug

(feat. z-ro & j-dawg)

[hook: z-ro]
ain’t no such things as friends only *ssociates
so if you run up on me i’m pulling my gun out of my holster b*tch
i don’t like watching my back so when i bust i’m a unload the clip
but i’d rather expect you just give me the respect i’m suppose to get
gangsta sh*t

[verse 1: slim thug]
all my n*gg*s is gone my d*mn b*tch done cut
i got sum sh*t on my dome an
then they love me or what
i’m one deep with my chrome like i ain’t giving a f*k
if i got to do this alone f*k it that’s w*ssup
they say it’s lonely at the top an you
gon see who your real friends
no more fo doors i’m riding a coop benz
keepin it moving ain’t focused on sh*t but not losing
if you don’t f*k with me don’t f*k with me
it’s not confusing
and when you speak on my name watch the words your choosing
you soundin like a hater to me it’s so amusing
instead of moving on trying to do your
own thang
you recruiting for the we hate slim thug gang
but ain’t sh*t change here mayne
i’m still the same
life good up out the hood sh*t i can’t complain
these n*gg*s say they down but they
just pretend
i’m ridin solo to the end
fuk friends

[hook: z-ro]

[verse 2: z-ro]
sometimes i wonder if god forgot about me
and would my people miss me if they had to do without me
cause anything ain’t no love
a n*gg* you think is yo homie is runnin up in yo girl everytime you leave her
each and everytime i leave my house all three of my guns is on me
ain’t none of you n*gg*s is goin to
be kicking or punching on me
and i learned my lesson about callin my homies when i need’em
out of eleven one and a half
shows up and the rest i still ain’t seen’em
one deep till i’m on my back
ya’ll fellas out might be on my sack
i’ll shoot a
muthaf*cker if a m*th*f*cker jump out of line then i’m a put’em back in line
2006 forever gloc 40 with hollows in mind
it’s amazing how something so small can flip yo b*tch *ss anytime
i’m an og original gangster mayne organized general
army ready to drop off chemicals
64 545 criminals
but it’s buisness
whenever i’m seen with a crowd that i’m not feeling
enter the conversation and paper in my pocket i’m not feeling

[hook: z-ro]

[verse 3: j-dawg]
i done seen a whole lot in these 26 years
never thought i had peers that was undercover queers
tell these snitches in my
circle awhile back i wuld’ve murked yuh
i vouch for me an mine
till the gavel drop down
an judge gave my time since i hogged up
the ripper
the last time i heard from my n*gg*s
still in denial in the begginin of my sentence
two months turned to years and them years
turned to b*tches
sittin in my cell doin sets of push ups
no money no mail that’s okay that’s w*ssup
momma made a man but these streets raised
a soldier
where they kill a real n*gg* make a mo daycloder
i never fold up
i’m a do my time b*tch
i’m a make parole hoe
get out and shine trick
you f*ck n*gg*s better stay out my way
i awready wanna blow off yo face
for violating the code n*gg*

[hook: z-ro]

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