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lirik lagu asylum – lita ford


walking through these halls
filled with anger
screaming for my life
but no one answers
and in my head the voice are doomed
the walls are cold and i sit true
i’m forever lost, in the asylum

the scars of your love on my wrist
the scars of madness on your fist
i tried to save the ones i love
i prayed for love of god above
i’m forever lost, in the asylum

no one will believe, the story i tell
no one could imagine such a lonely h*ll

no one seems to help me now
as though my words were all blacked down
and reaching on the walls, of the asylum, yeah

instead i turn those tables round
you knock me down on hallow ground
our wedding vows we pr*nounce, into the asylum

the whispers of the ghosts of dreams
the way i hoped my life would be
one day i know you’ll realize
our love was meant to die
i don’t wanna die, in the asylum
the writing on the wall, in the asylum.

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