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lirik lagu atonement – the roots

(feat. jack davey)

[intro / chorus: jack davey – singing]
as i wait for atonement
trapped in the heat of the moment
feelin like i can’t control it
as i wait for atonement
trapped in the heat of the moment

[black thought]
uh-huh, feelin the steam from the cauldron
with tension runnin deep as the ocean
many are called, but so few are chosen
as i go through the motions, of medication uppin my dosage
bangin earth, wind & fire “devotion” as i admire the focus
takin the city with a grain of salt
where they tastin foul, chase it down, with the latest malt – liquor
roll and hit it, knife did it, hope you got some smarts wit’chu
hope you got some heart it ain’t no stoppin when it start – n*gg*
feel somethin bigger got a hold on me
and i ain’t trippin not a bobby brown, lippin with my nose runnin
basically i had two, options i just chose one
and then got ghost, like my picture was on a most wanted
coast to coast, from la to chicago
now i’m faced, with the weight of survival, plus the taste
from the way i been lied to while the preacherman spittin his gospel
i can win if i try to


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