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lirik lagu b – another soldier – bun

(feat. mddl fngz, cobe)

[bun b:]
lost of a loved one
relative in commander to the game of life, in which one chose to adapt to as a gangsta
enter my mind
fill my heart
my emotional pain
can you feel it?
can you feel it?
if you haven’t experienced that nature of life, it’s gutta

[chorus: cobe]
i got this drama
don’t worry momma
cause i got the armor
on my back, when i
drive through the streets
everybody on me
tryin to take my life
but i don’t give a
what about that
grip that thang
c*ck that back
you don’t wanna be (gone)
another goner (gone)
in the game (gone)
another soldier (gone)
in a grave (gone)
bendin’ corners (gone)
finna bang (gone)
another soldier (long gone)
in the grave (grave [x7])

[bun b:]
we are the mighty middle fingaz
we do not accept hate
love us or die

[mddl fngz:]
yeah fatboy slow, but a n*gg* ain’t quick
ho limped through the door, lay a n*gg* on his d*ck
open up tha door, n*gg* standing like “sh*t”
fifteen full bricks, same price for a hit
n*gg* i done done it, it ain’t gotta be a lick
and if i’m plexin with you patna then the choppa gon p*ss
shootin up ya corna make a sound like “swish”
but i low so gat cause the chopper don’t miss.

[bun b:]
no the choppa gon hit
bound to leave ya dome split
lose ya bodily functions
have me think you gon sh*t
middle fingaz, strong click
bun b, the strong spit
put you six feet under
why not have a long sit
long walk, short pier
mane have a long flip
got the streets on lock
and got the yola on whip
tell momma we comin home so don’t trip

[mddl fngz:]
if i tee, don’t worry bout me
momma i’m a g
i know how to handle n*gg*s tryin to come up on me
tryin to run up on me
thinkin you gon try me
sh*t in a bag
drinkin through a iv
so appreciate ya breath
while you got some left
ya life’s a b*tch
they got permanent pms
and my only fear of death is reincarnation
so it ain’t sh*t for me to make you n*gg*s er patients
another soldier in the grave


two nines, four clips
prayin that you n*gg*s trip
lookin for some trouble
finna bust you n*gg*s bubble
and i don’t give a f*ck about your happy meal mug
we can go toe to toe, or trade these slugs
so catch a square n*gg*
and i won’t budge
don’t plea bargain now, n*gg* save it for the judge
i might have you n*gg*s lookin like a strawberry fanta
did so much, done burned myself, retire my bandanna
southwest got them soldiers
some movin doja
some movin x
but they mostly movin yola
with guns in tha holsta
we never leave tha toasta
face could wind up on a rest in peace poster
rest in peace? no suh
p*ssin on ya gravesite
then get real n*gg* with it and go f*ck ya wife
so think twice
one for you and ya momma life
band i-t, shoot the soldiers like i shoot tha dice

[bun b:]
for my n*gg* bad *ss bam, i’ll open ya head
for young lo, i’ll let that forty-fo fill ya with lead
for big munsta, i’ll pull out the thompson and straight squeeze it
behind sean wee i’ll cut you off at the knees
for the band i-t, i’ll close range ya with the mac
and for k.s.o lot, i’ll put the glock to ya back
middle finga, this ain’t a act
this uncut c*ke
don’t ever play us for a joke
you’ll get ya b*tch-*ss smoked
we go for broke


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