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lirik lagu baby baby please (just a little more head) – 2 live crew

[mixx scratches the line from “s & m”]

[verse 1: brother marquis]
i thought i was f*ckin’ until i got turned out
when the b*tch said, “marquis, can you stick your d*ck in my mouth?”
that experience has me all f*cked up in the head
’cause half of my time is spent in bed
and when she calls, you know i’ma come runnin’
with my d*ck in my hand, the first lick, i’m nuttin’
there’s no freak in the world quite like you
’cause you suck my d*ck until my b*lls turn blue


[verse 2: fresh kid ice]
i remember the first time i got a bl*w j*b
you know what i mean, when she slobs on bob
she was kissin’ the head, then she blew my b*lls
it felt like my skin had started to crawl
and the b*tch kept suckin’ like a freak in heat
movin’ like a b*sser without any sleep
and after she was done, this is what i said:
“baby, baby, please! just a little more head!”


[mixx scratches “kiss it, it’ll go off by itself!” and “suck me and my
partner’s d*ck!”]


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