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lirik lagu baby blue – badfinger

guess i got what i deserve
kept you waiting there, too long my love
all that time, without a word
didn’t know you’d think, that i’d forget, or i’d regret

the special love i have for you
my baby blue

all the days became so long
did you really think i’d do you wrong
dixie, when i let you go
thought you’d realize, i would know, i would show

the special love i have for you
my baby blue

what can i do, what can i say?
except that i want you by my side
how can i show you? show me a way
don’t you know, the times i tried

guess that’s all i have to say
except the feeling just gets stronger everyday
just one thing, before i go
take good care, baby let me know, let it show

the special love you have for me
my dixie dear

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