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lirik lagu back of my lac’ – j. holiday

this is for my pimps this is for my hustlas
diamonds in the back lac’ drivin’ m*th*f*ckas
if ya gettin high smoke one for me
if ya gettin drunk it bettter be hennessy
this is fo rmy chicks lookin good in they whips
smokin dro drinkin yac real s*xy when they sip
what’s my name?
uncle james family rest in peace

[verse 1:]
i grew up in a house with my mother
didn’t have my punk *sss father
cuz he felt it was his time to move on
it seems when i got a bit older
the world got a lil bit colder
and i had to learn everything on my own
i think about where i been and where i am
oh and i know i got so far to go
but ya’ll don’t hear me
so when i don’t even feel like
thinkin about it or talkin bout it
this is where i goo you can find me

sittin in the back of my lac
smokin my dro sippin my yac yea
yeah, yeah [x4]

[verse 2:]
sometimes i don’t
know if i want
to keep on going
so i go and i be alone
i get in my car
i hit the boulevard
i park then i sit
i spark then i sip
and i smoke and, and i drink and, and it helps me clear my mind
i said i smoke and, and i drink and, and it helps me clear my mind
i said i smoke and, and i drink and, and it helps me clear my mind
helps me clear my mind!


[rap: ]
some nights i get xo tipsy
other mights i get louie the 13th p*ssy
by myself? d*mn right on my lonesome
cuz i get sick and tired of n*gg*s callin when they want somthing
so i get off in my pearl white lac’
with my sunroof top
and a diamond in the back
i sip my yac and smoke my weed
n*gg*s if you thug sang this song with me

diamond in the back
sunroof top
just diggini the scene wit a gangsta lean whoo whoo [x3]

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