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lirik lagu baddest bitch – nicki minaj


[verse 1:]
now every club promoter wanna bid like auction
cause we pack show cel-tics like boston
you see me in the lobby taking pics i’m flossin
after every pic gotta fix my corset
i am running this sh*t i am so exhausted
batter up b*tches but approach with caution
you be talking slick and honestly i can see why
you don’t know me and i ain’t talking bout ti
just when they thought i was done for the winter i
came out stunting i’m such a big spender i
two of everything but no i’m not a gemini
my life’s a movie, take me to the cinema
take me out to the ball game, cause you know i only f*ck with ballers (yep!)
them is my type of n*gg*s, shot-callers
i been around the world i’m such a bad, bad girl
i got the austin power flow i’m groovy b*tches
and no you’re no match for my oozie b*tches
i dumb my raps down so i don’t lose these b*tches
say some s*x sh*t like wetter than jacuzzi b*tches

been around the world, i still can’t find
another girl that can steal my shine.
i’ve had my highs, i’ve had my lows
but you can’t tell me that i am not the baddest b*tch.

i’m the baddest b*tch
the mistress i’m the baddest b*tch.
i’m the baddest b*tch
trick-trick-trick please i’m the baddest b*tch.

[verse 2:]
half a bar just to laugh at em
high school if he ball throw my math at em
and if he want some p*ssy that’s a no-no
i only f*ck with bad b*tches no h*m*
flow sicker than ll
chinese and them things go pow-pow
word to me all them girls better bow down
nicki minaj i’m the talk of the town now.


baddest, the baddest, my p*ssy’s the phattest i’m bad.
bad, bad.

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