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lirik lagu battlefield – french montana

max b:
(and dem livin’ in a danger zone) max biggavel’ (in the battlefield)
fench montana coke wave
let’s sing to the people, yeah

max b:
throw ya hands up if yuh luv music
lemme hear ya say “whoo-woo-woo-ooooh”
throw ya hands up if yuh luv music
lemme hear ya say “whoo-woo-woo-ooooh”
throw ya hands up if yuh luv music
lemme hear ya say “whoo-woo-woo-ooooh”
throw ya hands up if yuh luv music
lemme hear ya say “whoo-woo-woo-ooooh”

verse 1
max b:
it’s the surfer don, the tre pound squirt and jerk the arm
and i don’t care what shirt ya on
i could give a f*ck what you did in ’95 when you was biddin’ in the can
when c*ke was 26 a gram
now it’s 12 years later, 42 dollars a pop
i keep the gear and pump c*cked
feed you 1 shot if you hungry, satisfy ya appet*te
heard ya baby-moms is a hermaphrodite, braggin’ rights
earned ’em, cuz i put ya whole team down with one clip
you sunk my f*ckin’ battleship, gravel pit
left arm, chunky monkey, and it sparkle off the glare
he’s havin’ a fabulous year
only dropped one compilation in ’07, i played in the bing
he had no faith in his team
couldn’t get him fresh even if ya went to neim & mar
keep the heater palmed, these n*gg*z be needin’ a bar


verse 2
french montana:
you lame n*gg*z flop, keep playin’ with the gwop
catch you laying in a drop, your tomato gettin’ popped
you be rollin’, strollin’, ride with them shottas
watch us, b*tch n*gg* no one can stop us
you was pumping gas, they was on ya *ss
tried to run but the whip crashed
tough guys get duct-taped and b*tt-raped
and then wine like crushed grape
homie in the battlefield, danger zone, get ’em killed, get ’em gone
you’ll get the mail wit’ ya head on the camera phone
f*ck n*gg*, kiss my r*ss, b*tch boy
i switch toys and hit the gas, homie i’m a rude boy
two toys, stash box, raasclaat
all white 6-5-0 with the ragtop


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