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lirik lagu beast in the bedroom – baby bash

“beast in the bedroom”
(feat. marty james)

[pre-chorus: c-ballin {c-ballin slowed down}]
girl, i don’t wanna love ya, just wanna {take it down}
come spend the night with me, i turn your {life around}
so girl, give me them legs, i don’t know what they said
but i’m a beast, beast-beast-beast {in the bed}

[chorus: marty james]
i don’t know what they told ya
but i’m a beast in the bedroom
i guess i gotta show ya
that i’m a beast in the bedroom
we can do it on the wall, do it on the floor
once i get up in them legs, you be coming back for more
so girl, let me show ya
that i’m a beast in the bedroom (bedroom)

[baby bash {baby bash slowed down}]

[verse 1]
i like ’em jazzy, s*ssy, cl*ssy, noisy and nasty
don’t har*ss me, after i finish beatin’ the ch*ssis
beast in the bedroom, king-size, leg room
turn your whole, world ’round, things that make your head boom
in the mornin’, on the floor, take a shower, back for me
neverendin’ stories, she adore me, but no “mi amor”
do it with a player’s stance, i’m a savage in the sheets
been bustin’ freaks, since, gettin’ cabbage in them streets

[repeat pre-chorus]

[repeat chorus]

[verse 2]
one day alone, in my zone, turn the lights {down}
see, i’m a do it right, let’s do it, right now
cause ain’t no time for waitin’, my clock is always tickin’
whole night, numb you up, leave your body, bed ridden
and when i hook it to the left, it’s like i’m bendin’ corners
get up in ya, get up on ya, hot, as arizona
here come the splash down, welcome to bashtown
ankles up, *ss down, blowin’ out your back now

[repeat pre-chorus]

[repeat chorus]

[verse 3]
body shakin’, takin’ cold showers to cool down
beated repeatedly, constantly make you move ’round
you know what it do, girl, i’m a make them toes curl
findin’ all the right spots, got it locked, on the pearl
it’s not the macanera, it’s not the same ol’
see, what we do is like the horizontal tango
girl, i’m a stretch you out, mama, i’m a fill you up
and if you think, you can hang, i’m a try your love

[repeat chorus]

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