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lirik lagu beat – mellowhype

[hodgy beats]
you gotta be present for the moment of momentum
kill a coward with my lyric the murder is corba venom
i’m hurdlin further engines, runnin through an entrance
such a resemblance in the mirror i see a blemish
the chemist, i am with dentist, six senses
as of now, life is tennis at venice
such a breeze i can feel it
rollin up my sleeves, put a little hash in it
exceeding cash limits, if you got it ain’t a bad image
i play the ball, motherf*cker – not half a scrimmage
your gimmicks just mimic cause you do not have an image
i’m sixty seconds past the minute
cabbage lettuce, cash is fetish in me
i’m grabbin spinach, teah

[chorus 2x: hodgy beats]
heard about a n*gg* rappin? yeah, that’s just one of my b*tches
(i’m) sellin weed here trappin, that just one of my b*tches
clientele payin taxes, that’s how i’m runnin my(/i run my) business
stay the f*ck off of my mattress, they sleepin on us n*gg*z

[hodgy beats]
got my own flow, spend my own dough
drive my own car, f*ckin grown hoes
for these four-ohs, for these lil’ bros
and my door know, teachers don’t know
vul-ner-able, shoot a p*rno
losin wardrobe, your body foreclosed
when the doors closed, the mask of zorro
her *ss is moreso, a comedy
i’m sick i’ll probably suffocate from all of them vomiting
f*ck commenting, i’m committing
taking off, rocketing while profit pocketing
hommaging, sock ’em bop ’em king, not fosters out the ring
boom bada bing, i gotta sing, you should f*ckin honor me
all these collard greens, dollar greens
presidents holla scream, prophesies
roll up and watch the leaves germinate, regurgitate
first you like it then you love it; third is hate

[chorus w/ pauses between lines on second repeat]

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