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lirik lagu birthday card at christmas – jethro tull

got a birthday card at christmas… it made me think of jesus christ.
it said, “i love you” in small letters. i simply had to read it twice.
wood smoke curled from blackened chimneys. the smell of frost was in the air.
pole star hovered in the blackness. i looked again… it wasn’t there.

people have showered me with presents. while their minds were fixed on other things.
sleigh bells, bearded red suit uncles. pointy trees and angel wings.
i am the shadow in your christmas. i am the corner of your smile.
perfunctory in celebration. you offer content but no style.

that little baby jesus… he got a birthday card or three.
gold trinkets and cheap frankincense. some penny baubles for his tree.
have some time off for good behaviour. forty days, give or take a few.
hey there, sweet baby jesus… let’s share a birthday card with you.

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