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lirik lagu black starry night (interlude) – 2pac

against all odds, i’m still here n*gg*
aiyyy, i got to get my props for 2pacalypse
o.p.d. — what?!
when this alb*m come out, n*gg*z can kiss my *ss
did you think i’d fall?
you think you could stop a motherf*cker like me?
introducing you to my criminal crew
treach, a.d., apache, essential
you got to deal with me on a whole new level motherf*cker
above the law, lench mob, the underground
cause i’m gettin paid
gets around and we down in this b*tch
and the more you try to keep n*gg*z away from me
the more i unite with mo’ n*gg*z and mo’ n*gg*z and mo’ n*gg*z
extra special thanks to my n*gg* big john major
and it’s a ghetto in every city and a n*gg* in every ghetto
i owe him, thanks to my man mike cooley and the rest of out fathers
motherf*cker we are unstoppable
and uhh, i’m not goin alive!

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