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lirik lagu blood – osi


a kiss
i am cold
close your eyes
give me your soul

for… your blood
for… the heat
for… your heart
for… the beat

shades of warmth becomes a
junkie’s bonfire fix
and the heart it clings like death
to (taste) your neck

my heart is an angry fist that seethes
and rages against its cage

sense your heat hide thy glow
black silk feast a burning rose
turn away
let me go
turn away from me
let me go

drawn and chased through the maze
crazed dreams
dreams of pain

a kiss
i am cold
close your eyes
give me your soul

drink your life from a gl*ss
drunk on love alive at last
caress or razor it’s
gone so fast
caress or razor still it’s
gone so fast

i am trembling my hand on the door
it is my secret i can take this no more

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