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lirik lagu blooded forest – bilocate

doors wide open… to the deathful faces
previous days are burnt away…
breaking the edges with no victory declared

will bravery live… will bravery die?
and justice shall cry!

the trial continues… bereavement is yet to stand
you know your destiny
shrouded with beauty… your voice is loud
though everyone is deaf

i can hear the resonance… the sounds of rain drops
tears of angels…
drifting away…
the sun light is so far…
like a dim in the mists…

will dignity live? will happiness die?
and then i shall accept a lie!

who will live forever… i can find no answer
i’m searching for your essence…
the source of life
waiting for the white knight to come…
and tear down the fence…
the throne is more likely to be yours
you were killed by betrayals…

darkness is so weak… fought by the dead
living souls… dying once again
resident fear… smashing it’s heart
the blood runs down like water falls…

will you live? will you die?
and be the lords’ only bride!

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