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lirik lagu body work – pusha t

(feat. juicy j, meek mill & french montana)

[verse 1: juicy j]
i got some killers so dont push me cuz juicy j be on some mob sh*t
waitin by your door step hot in the bullsh*t
if it comes down to it ain’t no thang but to do it
got a vest on, got a gun that could really do it
you n*gg*s is playin wid real n*gg*s money
get funny, one day you is the plug
next day you’re in the dumpster
couldn’t keep it one hundred
you’re thirty-two percent
the police got you on a leash n*gg* you is a b*tch

give yo’ *ss that body work n*gg* we spraying
ridin wid three k n*gg* i ain’t talking bout the klan
this ain’t no arcade, n*gg* so quit playing!
it’s eat time, me and my n*gg*s buffet-ing
give yo’ *ss body work that we spraying
ridin wid three k n*gg* i ain’t talking bout the clan
this ain’t no arcade, so quit playing!
it’s eat time, me and my n*gg*s buffet-ing

[verse 2: pusha t]
you don’t know about this life n*gg*
earnin all of these stripes n*gg*
kilograms, peter pans, pack holders on bikes n*gg*
throwin b*tches on flights n*gg*
they don’t know that they’re dyk*s n*gg*
’til the money’s out and the bottles pouring
they’re in the mix that they like n*gg*
rose gold all on my wrist
this rolex like devil p*ss
this daytona illuminate
yall think i’m talking that devil sh*t
it’s fifty racks no bezel sh*t
like blood diamonds, it’s rebel sh*t
its more guns, its more bodies
we call shots they n*body
they f*ck n*gg*s they owe prolly
who’s f*ckin wit me n*body!
when the guns drawn they’re so sorry
sprayin n*gg*s now the lord got em
bullets out the barrel make your body jerk
f*ck wid my money and i’ll hit you that body work!


[verse 3: meek mill]
bad b*tches on deck n*gg*
money power respect n*gg*
cop, cook, collect n*gg*
you was never no threat n*gg*
erybody be rap dissin
i catch n*gg*s i check n*gg*s
these goons wid me dont spit no verse
just limo service dey stretch n*gg*s
black ‘maro 2 s n*gg*
couple birds on my neck n*gg*
erytime them hoes see me
dey like meek milly you a mess n*gg*
2 gats no vest n*gg*
strapped up like i’m a cowboy
stand tall like that yao boy
got a bad b*tch she 5″4
this gold roley thats on my wrist
lephrachun prolly die for
young boys thats on my strip
will kill anything i say ride on
tell them n*gg*s call us if they’re out of work
cuz we lifting weights but we dont do no body work

[verse 4: french montana]
shout my lawyer all the crazy sh*t i ever did
know we love that kk sound
you know we not backin down
100 drum like hold that doe
diamonds flash like kodak, though
straight cash n*gg* f*ck that loan
seven digits on that phone!
money so long smoke a whole zo’
getting blood money tryna put my cuz on!
b*tch i’m on fire, got my jaw wired
s*x, money, murder… peter rollack (soundview waddap)
body work, chopper work like a techno song
twenty thou’ a show, i just hope my n*gg* max come home(waveyyyy)
money fast, diamonds flash like high beams
make it rain in this b*tch hurricane irene


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