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lirik lagu bolivian ragamuffin – aerosmith

pack up your troubles in your old gym bag
you gotta dance to the tune of bolivian ragam*ffin
i’ll take short breaks, love her to the outbreaks

standing on the seash*r*, lookin’ at the city
see the street light, dog bite, go lady on the td8
the wax museum and n*body gets to see themselves
there’s others care to see what n*body wants to be a baby

can’t break, cabbage head
try and get a salad made
hold my pickle, hold the lettuce
session waters don’t upset us

kick, stand, face look so evil, like knievel
never make third base like a toilet bowl cleaner
like a squawk eight fool in i don’t know orogotus
if i have to do rock a roller up a jello

facial, connish lie
smoke a bowl of feeling fine
burn and people, try to let us
session waters won’t upset us

hee lee cans (kick in the pants)
water fall (got on a dance)
blame it all (say gotta eve us a trance)
ain’t gonna do it
ain’t gonna do it
ain’t gonna do it
ain’t gonna do it
ain’t gonna do it…

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