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lirik lagu bong toke – kottonmouth kings

take a bong toke…

i love rippin’ outta bongs it gets me so so high
when i take a big toke ‘looks like my eyes start to cry
tears start to swell up when i take a huge hit
of that bong biggie bong diggity dank dank sh*t
johnny richter don’t quit out the one two three
take so many bong hits you might run out of weed
thought you was f*cking with a rookie but i’m really a king
i was just out playing hooky having fun with my team
well now i’m back with a plan to get the whole world united
the plan’s called bong tokes first you pack it then light it
then you p*ss it to a friend and keep on paying it forward
until we all live as one to form a weed world order

take a bong toke…
where’s the weed at?…

it’s time to put the chronic in the chamber
the bong water needs a little change up
i throw a fast ball right down the strike zone
and split the bat up to stick in the gl*ss bowl
mountain spring always goes down the freshest
before we spark it up d-loc you must inspect it
dirty water’s like a sin to a christian
you want heaven but you never gonna get in
the high priest baptizes and purifies
the canni-bus now we’re all getting herbalized
p*ss the lighter spark the holy chalice
the mavericks ain’t the same since steve nash left dallas
sprinkle on the keef yeah adds a nice topping
we getting’ baked like hash cakes there’s no stopping
the water’s bubbling my vision starts doubling
the smoke’s rising fast i pull the stem it comes rushing in


liar liar pants on fire…
liar liar…
hey naw
liar liar pants on fire ain’t n*body getting no higher
f*ck that where’s my lighter
sick of all you lyin’ typers
we getting higher higher smoking on a vaporizer
eyes red blazed up smoked out i’m tired as f*ck
we got that supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
the type of weed that leave you breathless and flow less
so take a toke
and another
and another
and another…
tell your mother
oh no!


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