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lirik lagu boom boom pow (remix) – jeffree star

(originally by black eyed peas)

hold the f*ck up
black eyed peas and jimmy iovine
i know you weren’t gonna talk about boom boom pow
without jeffree-f*cking-star
listen up b*tches…

boom boom boom
gotta get that…
boom boom boom
gotta get that…
boom boom boom
boom boom boom

yo, i got that terminator tw*t
you can give me your cyborg load
i can swallow it whole
so wet, it flows

spit on it then sit
obama’s rubbin’ my cl*t
i got that boom boom pow
make my kitty go boom boom owww!

i like that boom boom pow
in my p*ssy go zoom zoom wow
boys know my l*b** got swagga
i’m on that next sh*t now

i’m so 3008
make you start your period late
v*g*n* go boom boom boom
ride it vroom vroom vroom
come get it now

boom boom boom
gotta get that..
boom boom boom

i’m on the supersonic boom
fergie you p*ssed your pants
you need a de-pends costume
oh! f*ck sh*t uhmmm

ya’ll suck on super 8 d*ck
that small-fi stupid 8 sh*t
i’m on your boyfriends *ss
this beat go boom boom fast

you’re a queer when i turn you on
into the future f*ggotron
harder, quicker, mother f*cker
makes the boys extra longer

’cause we got the meat that bounce
we got the future sound
we got the beat that 808
that boom boom turn you out

b*tches in the place
if you wanna get down
put your t*ts in the air
yes i am, gonna f*ck you

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