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lirik lagu bottoms up (intro) – obie trice

bottoms up (intro)

[intro 1:]
i’d like to thank you all for purchasing the new obie trice alb*m
it’s well appreciated
i’d like to thank you all for copping my cl*ssic cheers
the seconds round’s on me
it’s well appreciated, no doubt

detroit city stand up

[verse 1:]
they say when a n*gg* for testing
they say that he stay kept with his smith & wesson
story tells us his accomplishment’s a blessing
now that’s what the f*ck i call an urban legend
when a verse kept him from serving corrections
turf he slept in had notorious conditions
all of symptoms that ought to send me to prison
yet he had a vision
and since then, i’ve witnessed those visions
an eye witness
to put sense into it, you ain’t listening
get it? i hate to keep twisting ’em
my mind ventures, i spit with conviction
nothing fabricated or based of forcism
simply kicking what’s living in o trice’s system
come on

[intro 2:]
i wanna thank shady records for backing me up
for all those years
n*gg*, eminem, paul rosenberg, riggs morales
i wanna thank all my label mates, d12, 50 cent, g-unit
stat quo, bobby creek’ and cashis
it’s been one h*ll of a run

[verse 2:]
alb*m number truces, found him in a booth nostalging
with dre pounding the beat machine
o trice say nothing, deleting them
‘scope couldn’t destroy my evening
we are the elite, machine
n*gg*s is *ss backwards, thinking they in the cl*ss, as if
and have access to these type of m*sses
when i seen this, m*ssive
from a black teen with dreams of being this rapper
what happened is that he slipped between the cracks
brought to your ears all the years that i’ve captured
re-appeared after cheers, the cl*ssic
second round’s on me showed you o mastered it
cause obie not an actor in this sh*t
actually, it’s action show you know different
i’m ah be a victim on the set that i lived in
’til i die, it’s obie tri’
try to understand this psychological spare
from serving them grams to inserving them fans
that’s right, obie hurting them, man

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