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lirik lagu brand new guy – asap rocky

(feat. schoolboy q)

[verse 1: asap rocky]
i’m camo down to my boxers
gold teeth, a bathing ape
it’s animals in my projects
like monkeys, orangutans
banana clip on that chopper
i hold heat, bangers bang
let the chiquita speak
let it keep the peace
that lil b, bangkadang
i don’t care if you blue or you red flagging
hair swinging, my pants sagging
hoes all on my band wagon
your b*tch gagging, she jet lagging
all my cause n*gg*s, what’s crackin’?
all my blood n*gg*s, what’s poppin’?
i ain’t set tripping, i just happen
to know who click clacking, who mismatching
f*ck swagger, you been jacking
f*ck fly, i am fashion
tryna cop that benz wagon
my b*tch drive it and my friends crash it
n*gg*s threat with the chit chattin’
see a n*gg* don’t sh*t happen
i’m finna blow on that bin laden
so talk money, check latin (suck my f*ckin’ d*ck b*tch)

[hook: x2]
brand new clip, brand new 9
brand new b*tch, brand new ride
brand new weed, brand new high
brand new me meet the brand new guys

[verse 2: schoolboy q]
that 45 be the big toy
now which n*gg* want it with the fat boy?
clipped up like i’m paranoid
hot as h*ll n*gg*, fitzroy
pulled off through the city like {skirrt}
seen that hoe n*gg* like {skirttt pop}
hopped up on a n*gg* like {murrppp}
put that p*ssy n*gg* in a purse
you wouldn’t be the first covering the dirt
put him in the ground, he was down to earth
napped up n*gg*, i been down since birth
backpack full of random work
with two bad hoes, i’ll teach you how to jerk
teach you how to jerk
swaggin’ in my j’s
pop me a pill and throw that p*ssy a rave
my prerogative ways
nappy chin hairs with the brand new fade
brand new n*gg* with the brand new venue
sold that b*tch out
should’ve made that ho bigger
killer charisma these cupcakes remember
my objective is to serve your agenda
biggie and nas put they *ss in a blender
sprinkle some 50 and came out this n*gg*
you quick with the gat and the d*ck in your mouth
balls in my hands and your b*tch in my house
twisting up weed
i’m digging her out
just filling her out
do all that sh*t you be talking about
while you gone? sh*t, netflix on your couch
what this pop corn about?
microwave oven while you out there cuffin’
you over there lovin’
that b*tch be my stuffing, like
like we really be f*cking

[hook: x2]
brand new clip, brand new 9
brand new b*tch, brand new ride
brand new weed, brand new high
brand new me meet the brand new guys

[verse 3:]
[schoolboy q:]
brand new shirt to the brand new drawls
brand new socks to the brand new glock
this motherf*cker hold 15
smack that ho in, tell the clip get lost
b*tch i’m a boss
pulled up clean, don’t you hear the exhaust
got my tie on, gripping on my iron
who i’m about to fire on?
[asap rocky:]
rap game f*cked up, boy
f*ck you think i rap for?
crack game f*cked up, boy
f*ck you think i trap for?
riding round with that mask on
like a mac attack when that strap on
like a shaq attack on that backboard
clap on, clap off
[schoolboy q:]
blue pit in my back yard
[asap rocky:]
red nose my bad broad
[schoolboy q:]
tight and full of that hydro
[asap rocky:]
pretty n*gg*, no catwalk
[schoolboy q:]
big burner in your big mouth
[asap rocky:]
p*ssy n*gg*s suck lead off
[schoolboy q:]
i pull it up then skirt off
vodka shots, he smirnoff
[asap rocky:]
40 oz of that cristal
rose, that rick ross
[schoolboy q:]
got it jumping like kriss kross
[asap rocky:]
mishmashing, no jigsaw
[schoolboy q:]
no horseplay when we quick draw
[asap rocky:]
p*ssy n*gg* get a t*t job
[schoolboy q:]
hands up, stick your mands up
your time’s up, the new brand’s up

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