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lirik lagu break a bitch – akinyele

break a b*tch
(feat. kool g. rap)

[a:] akinyele, you know i break a b*tch neck!
[k:] kool g. rap, you know i break a b*tch neck!
[a:] yeah break a b*tch neck!
[k:] break a b*tch neck!
[a:] break her neck, aiyo g catch the f*cking wreck, set it!

[verse 1: kool g. rap]
i can’t stand a b*tch so i don’t treat and i don’t need ’em
they want a n*gg*z c*nt, so i just f*ck ’em like i hate ’em
hoes wanna oppose, like they know me or they knew me
but b*tch you never blew me, so don’t say a f*ckin’ thing to me
cause i’m too fly to say h*llo ha ha
see you later, long good-bye
b*tch yo, what you want pa
[a:] but you b*tches look so good
but it don’t mean no give a f*ck
if there’s one less b*tches out the neighbourhood
because i never did respect ’em
you know you could never give a
kool g. rap a swift kick in the r*ct*m
check ’em, develop a chick is a pig
because mad n*gg*z b*tches
they put they lips around a n*gg* d*ck (come on n*gg*z)
did they tell me how my d*ck is so much bigger (yeah)
swallow my nut if they forgot to call me mister n*gg* (ah)
sit back slap a b*tch, kool g. rap
b*tch runnin’ off for the track
then a b*tch got it slapped
so don’t be a n*gg* s*x-slave b*tch
don’t try to be brave b*tch
you be a dead b*tch in the grave b*tch
b*tch you think a n*gg* and come beef out
come b*tch the-these house
b*tch i slap your motherf*cking teeth out (aight, my man)
break it off b*tch you want the drama b*tch
you’ll have to homa, b*tch you broke a seven bomber
b*tch i slap your mama b*tch (whoo-hie)
pull out my d*ck and start suckin’ b*tch
or keep on puckin’ b*tch, you stupid motherf*ckin’ b*tch!
hog b*tch you come and stalk b*tch
you got a lot of heart b*tch
for you to me you ain’t too smart b*tch
slap a b*tch, i got a bag full of b*tches
try to steal a b*tch, you get a head full of st*tches
i’m hittin’ b*tches with a tec

[k:] aiiyo break a b*tch neck, break a b*tch neck
[a:] come on!
[k:] break a b*tch neck!
[a:] break a b*tch neck!
[k:] break a b*tch neck!
[a:] come here b*tch, let me break your neck!
[k:] yeah break a b*tch neck!
[a:] break a b*tch neck!
[k:] break a b*tch neck, aiiyo ak catch some motherf*cking wreck

[verse 2: akinyele]
yo, beatin’ b*tches up ain’t nothing new to me
whether you’re down with social security
or you’re just here in furity
a ain’t nothing but an agenda
you young bat, that comes and after all
you better hold on to your changes
don’t come talkin that slappin’ sh*t
cause that you’re a woman, miss
don’t think that it can’t happen b*tch
i make, b*tches panick and sweat for their life
it’s bad that b*tches mostly get
stabbed to death with they own knife
todd skin b*tches feel lack of blue
i cruise around town, cruise their *ss with a .22 (b*tch)
cali b*tches get the gat that i’m blastin’
i think straight slang
sprinklers i’ma [?] when they askin’
get the man and his wolfpack
i pay them like d-pack
each and everyone of them b*tch is get slapped
martial arts b*tches get me fat
who sees rollin’ bun
we say; return of the living dead (huhh)
n*body’s sh*t goes live
miss hong-kong b*tch
i break my foot up off in your *ss (yeah)
and don’t b*tch that keep ’em full of it
and the n*gg* alcoholic fake the thing
some eyes in the third
and you are snitches, and never said it
cause i be stompin’ they *ss
just like the cl*ss of the wedded
and dancin’ girls get me p*ssed
i’m the first straight hater to yell out:
go stupid b*tch! go stupid b*tch!
ain’t nothing good about me, girlfriend
you want a good boyfriend, check the merige[?]
i heard they got a few good men (yeahh)
don’t hear me i ain’t get no love (f*ck that)
i’m member of the b*tch haters club
i don’t kiss and don’t pump ’em up b*tch
you stuck up b*tch
“don’t call me a b*tch”
oh shut the f*ck up b*tch!
you don’t get no respect, h*ll no!

[a:] break a b*tch neck!
[a:] break a b*tch neck!
[k&a:] yeah ahahaha, word up!
[a:] see that f*ckin’ b*tch
[k:] b*tches must be f*ckin’ crazy (b*tch, b*tch)
you must be out your f*ckin’ minds (b*tch, b*tch)
suck my motherf*ckin’ d*ck! (b*tches ahaha)
[a:] you look like thaaaat
[k:] b*tch haters come, come and act up baby (stop me)

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