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lirik lagu build me up – rhymefest

(feat. ol’ dirty b*st*rd)

dear ol’ dirty b*st*rd, no no
dear, baby jesus, no that’s not it
dear dirt mcgirt, aw yeah yeah yeah
look, man it’s this girl that i really like man
and, i want to get her to notice me
so, i just wanted some advice on
what should i do to like, get her to come my way
write back soon, your biggest fan, rhymefest

[chorus: ol’ dirty b*st*rd]
why do you build me up (build me up) b*ttercup
baby just to let me down (just to let me down)
mess me around, and then worst of all (worst of all)
you never call baby when you say you will (when you say you will)
but i love you still, i need you! (i need you!)
more than anyone darlin; you know that i have from the start
build me up (build me up)
b*ttercup, don’t break my heart

look, c’mon
have you ever met a girl, come into your world
cat {?} put your brain on sterile
activate and leave stains like curls
sophisticate, and make you feel so world
ahhh, there it is – so liberated
ridin in a sports car, so ventilated
joggin in a sports bra, so t*tillated
chick so cool, but not refridgerated
look mcgirt, i don’t wanna trouble ya
but this chick on my block, i’m in love with her
i wanna get up in her bush like dubya
tryin to get up in her bush like dubya
so write me back, let me know
how i’m ‘sposed to hit it when i got no dough
how i’m ‘sposed to spit it when i got no flow
shimmy shimmy yay, shimmy ya, shimmy yo
oh (woo-hoo-hoooo)


i just wanna talk to her
but i’m me and this girl is so popular
it’s a dirty game, me has binoculars
from a distance i just started watchin her
then i met her at hills on the southside
bought her chicken and fries, with coleslaw aside
she ain’t say thanks enough, that’s all pride
i don’t care about her man, i just let it slide
i just think about f*ckin you everyday
and just sink in the back of my chevrolet
all that chicken you ate and you never paid
take my order, can i have a breast or leg?
would you fin’ to say no, oh, how’s that so?
after i came here and spent all my dough?
“look boy it’s chicken, what is you broke?”
then i got scared and said it’s a joke
gave her a hug and stole her coat


dear dirty, thanks for the advice and everything man
it didn’t really work out with this chick this time
she wasn’t that b*ttercup, she was just another sl*t man
but you know what? i’m just gonna say forget about it man
i’ma go get a movie, you haven’t seen “harry met sally” yet?
it’s kinda like what i’m goin through; aww, whatever

this is for everybody lookin for that perfect girl man
sometimes you ain’t got all the money in the world
and you ain’t got all the looks in the world but
you can still find that b*ttercup
don’t let her build you up and break you down man
you build it up, whatever, yo freak for me
make sure she like to f*ck though, heh
that’s always important isn’t it?

[odb] expect you’re the one for meeeeeeeeeee
[fest] yo dirt, pack your bags, let’s go
[odb] girrrrl, the way you give brains to meeeeeeeeeee
[fest] yo dirt, it’s over g!

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