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lirik lagu bushpig – anvil

watch me drive my bushpig
watch me part the pines
four by four couldn’t take more
any hill to climb
drive her with a split shift
drive her up a tree
my desert dog’s a big fat hog
when you drive with me

put her into overdrive
put her in the ditch
my skid plate sure works great
when i use my winch
fast and clean
raw and mean

love my bushpig, drive her everyday
love my bushpig, gotta have my way

ride her through the deep dark woods
ride through all terrain
chuggin’ and crawlin’ ain’t no stalling
with my cleveland power train
crank it with her mudders
crank it double time
if you can’t find it you can grind it
fourwheelin’ ain’t no crime
turn up the dirt
down with her skirt
takin’ the hill
just for the thrill

love my bushpig, when i have my way

ain’t nothing like this big fat pig
there’s nothing she won’t do
she’ll do it fast and make it last
and won’t be through with you
take you where you wanna go
anytime of day
between the blanket hot to spank it
that’s all i’ve gotta say
fast and clean
raw and mean

love my bushpig, do it everyday
love my bushpig, when i have my way

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